Make them Extraordinary

Well, as most of us know, yesterday was the Feast Day of St. Therese of Lisieux.  She is an incredible Saint, who has looked out for me over the years, as she is my Confirmation Saint.  I grew to love and appreciate her more when I went on an amazing pilgrimage throughout France back in 2007.  I walked where she walked, prayed where she prayed and fell in love with Jesus even more.

On the grounds of her childhood home, a representation of St. Therese asking/begging her father permission to enter the convent.  At such a young age she new God's will so fully and completely, and knew she wouldn't be living until she followed through.

One of my fave alters at the Basilica in Lisieux, France.

I know that I take for granted who St. Therese is in my life, as I do so many things and people.  I don't always think of her, or look to her for guidance, but I do know that she is in Heaven looking down on all of God's precious children and praying deeply for every one of them, and then reminding them how to love.  Those little things of everyday life, is what her doctrine is all about.  Take all those little, ordinary actions and make them extraordinary by doing them in the name of love; holding the door a little longer to let the person behind you in, picking up the papers that fell, giving a hug, doing someone else's chore, etc.  All of these things are so normal, but can be amazing when we really sacrifice a little and do them only for the other, thereby spreading the wonderful love of Jesus.

St. Therese, pray for us.
All of our wonderful Guardian Angels, pray for us. (today is YOUR feast day!)
Mary, pray for us.

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