Proud to be a nurse

Did you know that I am a nurse?  Full-fledged licensed nurse.  Oh, you read that over on my teeny profile thing to the right?  Good, good. :)

I haven't really had much to talk about in ways of nursing (well, yes, as in breastfeeding due to the fact my life is immersed in all things baby ZuZu, however that is not really something I am at liberty to discuss!), as I am not working.  Which, I am sure you have gathered if you've been reading this blog.  Still transitioning from my time in Honduras and figuring out what kid of nursing I want to jump back into.

If you don't know... there are all sorts of things nurses do.  Usually, the 2 we think of first: the hospital (staff nurse/bedside nurse) or doctor's office, giving you all those nasty shots.  But, there are a TON of other things nurses do.  Besides a bedside nurse in the hospital (which ranges from super intense to more mild sicknesses), you can be an educator on a specific unit, a manager, work in the outpatient clinics, be part of a specific team (wound care, IV therapy, etc), and many other things that I can't think of at this moment.

I worked as a bedside nurse at one of the top pediatric facilities on a Neuroscience unit (anything and everything to do with the brain and brain surgery!) as my first out-of-school job.  It was amazing!  In my four years there, I worked with some amazing people, had some great opportunities (for example, working with other nurses hospital wide to achieve Magnet designation which allowed me to travel) and learned a whole bunch about our amazing bodies.  From that experience I was able to gain the confidence to move to another country and use my skills to help the poor of our world.

Another option for nurses.  International nursing.... so many wonderful nurses travel all over the world helping those in need, where opportunities for quality healthcare is limited.  Those nurses are changing the lives of the sick, and usually poor, every single day.

Some other options include: community clinics, working on Capital Hill, becoming a nurse practitioner, doing research, home health, rehab facilities, legal nursing, holistic nursing, teaching in a nursing school, school nurses, camp nurses, surgery centers, public/community health, and on and on and on.

You see, I may be an experienced nurse, but I am still learning.  I am still learning what this wonderful profession has to offer.  I am still learning what type of nursing I can best serve all those who need to be cared for.  I know that God still is calling me to be a nurse (for a brief second I wasn't too sure), and He has a wonderful plan in mind for me.  But, I can't just wait around for it... I have a job to do too.  I have to explore and be open to anything... and then there will be a time when God's plan is made clear to me.  I am not saying the rest of my life plan, but the plan for now, at this time in my life.

Even though I am not working right now, I am, and always will be, proud to be a nurse.

For more information about Magnet Designation, please visit the ANCC website.
For other information about nursing jobs, please check out and this cool blog about alternative jobs.

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