Road Trip Ramblings

First off… I would like to say:


To Naples, that is.  I am so excited to be here and be part of this babe’s life (and to not have to drive for long periods of time!).

Ok, so here are some of my musings/observations/etc from my road trip:

~ I really wish there were lookout/vista points on 81 in VA and 77 in NC.  I saw some of the most spectacular views I have ever seen.  I wanted to take pictures, but it was unsafe to stop on the side of the road; therefore lookout points are really needed. Sheesh.

~  Going to the bathroom really doesn’t cut that much time out of the drive.

~  Next time, I will pack more nutritious snacks that will keep me full.

~  Suggestion: if you don’t enjoy scanning the radio for music, get a thing that will play your music from your iPod/MP3 player.  I really don’t mind, so it wasn’t an issue for me.  Just for those who are interested.

~  I really don’t mind driving, but I do mind all of the crazy drivers out there.

~  My ear buds for my phone aren’t horrible, but I really wish I had my bluetooth.  However it’s not compatible with my new iPhone, and it’s not an expense I’m willing to pay for right now.

~ Wear sunscreen!  My left arm has a great burn on it.

Also, this is who I've been chillin' with lately. :)

Miss Susannah Marshall!

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