7 Quick Takes (4)

- 1 -  Has is seriously been another week?!  I don't understand how that is even possible.  I was talking with Martha today about how I feel like usually when I am really busy, time goes by super quick.  I can honestly say that these last 5 weeks haven't been the busiest time in my life, but they sure are moving fast!  I don't get it!  It's just a little weird, sometimes.

- 2-  I got a pedicure this week.  I know I don't have a whole lot of money to be spending on extra things, but pedicures have always been something that I am willing to splurge on.  Judge me all you want, but I like to pamper my little footsies:

- 3 -  If you follow me on twitter, then you have seen this before (actually most pics I post on here), but as I am sure you are all well aware of... Target does indeed have their Christmas stuff up.  And playing Christmas music.  I.am.not.ready.

I will admit, there is a slight jump of joy in my heart when I hear the music, which may be b/c I get to be with my family for Christmas this year!  If you followed along while I was in Honduras, my Christmas was a little different, which you would probably guess, since I was in a different country.  Anyway, just b/c I am SO excited to be with my family this year, doesn't necessarily mean I am ready.

- 4 -  I posted this picture on FB the other day:

Beautiful, right?  This is the adoration chapel at St. John the Evangelist in Naples, FL.
Jesus is in a glass case, behind a glass wall... just if you were at all confused. :)

And a friend (I guess more of an acquaintance) from HS commented, asking what this was.  I explained to her what it is, and she was excited b/c she is taking RCIA.  How cool is that?!  I am just excited that I was able to be (and hopefully will continue to be) a small witness of our awesome faith.  As we all know, it's one thing to learn about our faith in class, but another to experience it and witness it in real life!  Please pray for her!

- 5 -  Have any of you ever been to Ave Maria, FL??  Well, it's pretty much a cute, little Catholic town.  Literally.  It's about 40 minutes from where I am staying in Naples.  Ave Maria University is pretty much the backbone of this up-and-coming town.  A large church, town center, developments, K-12 Catholic school, etc make up the area.  It's seriously super cute, and a dream if you want to live in a Catholic bubble. :)  Check out their website, if you want!

The church in the town center.  You can't miss it.

On the university side of things, there is an adoration chapel attached to the library.
Adoration any time you want?  Yes, please!

- 6 -  I know you guys are keeping track: TWO more episodes.  Yes, that's right... we have TWO more episodes of Lost to watch, and then we are done.  It's nuts.

- 7 -  And, b/c I really can't help showing off me cute goddaughter... here is a pic of the both of us.  You guys don't really mind, do you?  I just love her so much. :)

- 7.5 -  Soon, you will see pics of my cute little brother, Max.  As in, my mom's dog.  I am flying out on Monday to visit them for Thanksgiving!  Which is NEXT WEEK!  Holy moly.  Seriously, that time thing will get you every time. :)

As always, please go visit Jen et al for some more 7QTs! :)

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