7 Quick Takes (6)

Here we are for another round of 7QTs! :)  I hope everyone has had a wonderful week! :)

~ 1 ~

At some point I think I said something about pictures of Max, my dog-brother.  Well, somehow I haven't posted any, although I have taken quite a few... so here you go!

I was trying to get a good one with me and him, but he wasn't really into it. :)  And, then I tried to do a selfie (I'm sorry, but I feel weird saying that.  I hear it's the new, hip way to say self-pic or self-portrait.  But, I am not sure I can really get into it!  Have a reached a point where I can't say something b/c I'm too old?!)... anyway, I tried to do one of those, and that pic on the right is what happened!  Look at the that face!  Oh, Max I love you, man!

~ 2 ~
I've had the privilege of hanging out with this cutie a few times this past week: 

Alex is SUCH a doll. :)  This is Paul's step granddauhter, if you will.  And my mom and he have been reveling in all things grandparenting!  And of course, my mom can't wait until someone <ahem.me.ahem> has some kiddos of her own one day!  Me too, mom, me too. :)

~ 3 ~
I found an UNOPENED lighted lipgloss!!!  :)  I stocked up in the last few years.  I love this thing!
Ever heard of it?  Well, it's an Artistry, through Amway, brand and it's amazing.  You take off the top and there is a small LED light, and the bottle has a little mirror.  So, you can have beautiful shiny lips anytime! :)
(If you are interested, check it out on the Amway site, but I think that you need to look for a person in the business to buy one.  Although, I am not.  But something to ponder.)

~ 4 ~
Mom and I met her good friend, Christi, for lunch the other day.  We also stopped by the basilica in downtown Minneapolis.

Beautiful, right?!

~ 5 ~
Yesterday, we went by this cool garden/home decor store and I found these awesome things to hang on a wall:

My mom bought them so that I can put them in my new apartment!! :)  THANKS MOM!!  I am so excited... and they are so cute!  I have 5 of them that say: family, friends, dream, believe, and blessed.  Can you just seem them on a wall, stacked a little?!  I can't wait!

~ 6 ~
New apartment?  You have a new apartment?  When did that happen?  Well, for those of you who don't read my blog, usually, then you have missed a little something.  I wrote about moving to Florida the other day!  Yup, I have decided to do that.  I don't have any major plans or an actual apartment, but I will!  It's the next steps in my life, and I am ready to see what God has in store.  Pray for me!!

~ 7 ~
I am heading back down to Naples tomorrow morning.  I am excited to see Mart and the babe (and be in warmer weather again), but it's always hard to leave my mom.  We never really know when the next time we will see each other is, so saying goodbye is never fun.  Although, I suspect it will be easier than last year when we said goodbye, as it was the last time before I was in Honduras!  So, at least I will still be in the country this time. :)  Anywho, we are going to hang out today, and spend our last day doing... something!  Tonight will include a Christmas parade downtown. YAY for Christmas!! :)

Have a wonderful day!  As always, don't forget to check out some more fun 7QTs over at Conversion Diary with Jen! :)

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