7 Quick Takes (Numero Dos)

1) I went to daily Mass every day (well, except for once, but I DID go to Adoration on that day) this week.  It does help that we had a Holy Day thrown in there.  You know why I had the motivation... no, not b/c it's the right thing to do, or b/c I am looking on a clearer image of God's will... nope.  Because I wanted to write it as one of my 7QTs. (Judge me all you want, but accountability is accountability... right?)

2) I have never had Netflix.  Do you have it?  Um, it's pretty amazing.  Mart and Tom decided to get rid of their satellite/cable and went with Netflix.  Oh.em.gee.  SO many movies and shows to watch.  When I came home from Adoration the other day, Mart and Tom started the first episode of Lost.  I jumped right in.  We.can't.stop.watching.  Seriously.  That is what we look forward to during the day now!  It's SO good.  I am surprised I never got into it when it was on.  Thank God for Netflix. :)

3) Speaking of Lost and being completely sucked in... my days have been pretty full, therefore I still haven't gone to the beach.  Nope, hasn't happend.  BUT, there is still tomorrow.  I gotta get there!

4) I LOVE SENDING PACKAGES!!  Maybe even more than receiving them.  When I was in Honduras, I was so blessed to get packages, what seemed like, all of the time.  Everyone started getting concerned when there would be a long stretch and I didn't get one. :)  So, therefore I decided to send one to my friend Erin (who I met on the Ranch and is volunteering at a different place now), and then a HUGE one to the rest of the group on the Ranch.  It's just fun to wait in anticipation on seeing when the package actually arrives.  Mail, especially packages, can take quite a long time to arrive at it's destination, if it arrives at all.  It's always a risk to send things there, but I was thrilled earlier this week when I heard from people that they got it AND loved it!!  Score!

5) I am so sad about all of the devastation from Hurricane Sandy.  It's just so sad.  I think it was one of those storms that caught everyone off guard and no one really thought it would be that big of a deal.  My mom and I vacationed every year on the Jersey Shore in Seaside (yes, as in the Jersey Shore TV show, and no, it's really not as crazy and weird as it was portrayed)... and now... now it's practically gone.   It's just sad.  Please continue to pray for all those affected!

6) Mart and I bathed Blackacre (her dog) a couple of days ago:

He was really not that impressed.  He isn't a fan.  But, it was pretty entertaining for Mart and I! :)

7)  It's so amazing how quickly Zuzu is growing!  I feel like everyday that I look at her, there is something new! :)  It's amazing how in just 3 weeks, so much changes.  I am just so blessed to be able to have this time with Mart and Tom, and to get to know my wonderful goddaughter from the very beginning.

Also, a BIG congrats to my other BFF, Coll, and her new bundle of joy, Miriam Ruth!  So excited for her, Mark and big sisters Sammy and Juli! :)

That's all I've got over here!  Head on over to Jen's @ Conversion Diary for some more Quick Takes! God Bless!

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  1. Hahaha hooray for accountability and going to mass every day! Netflix and I had a veeeerrry serious relationship last year. Sadly, we had to break it off quite suddenly when my sister changed the password because I was a day late in paying my half of the bill. But I still have fond memories of our time together ;) Now I'm stuck going to the library.


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