What I (didn't) Wear Sunday (Vol 4)

No, no... I didn't go naked.  Crazy.

I just did not wear anything worth showing off today.  :(  I was rushing and in one of those moments yelling, "I have NOTHING to wear."  Which isn't true, but I was not satisfied with anything.

I don't want to deprive you all of the actual cute looks from the ladies at Fine Linen and Purple. So, please take a gander and enjoy!  Also, check out this great article by Jen Fulwiler (yes the same Jen of Conversion Diary) on NC Register!

I love participating every week, but I wasn't in the 'zone' today.  Does that mean I wasn't in the 'zone' for Mass either?  I am not really sure... I went, I participated, I prayed and chatted with the Lord.  Even though I didn't feel cute or my outfit was worthy, I have to believe the Lord was happy that I was there, as well. :)

I love this link-up because I believe it nudges people to wear their best.  There are so many people who I have seen rock some great outfits, all from thrifting or hand-me-downs, who make the effort to dress up for God.  To dress up, in their best- whatever that may be, to hang out with our Lord in His house.  I, also, believe it keeps us accountable!  Part of community is to hold those within it accountable for living their lives a certain way.  Why shouldn't we remind each other of the importance of dressing nicely and respectfully for church?  Or why wouldn't we want to see others have fun with dressing modestly, without being frumpy or old school?  Anyway... that's what I have to say about that.  Just some more of my thoughts after reading the comments in Jen's article.

I will be better and ready for next week!  I hope everyone had such a blessed and happy Sunday!

Much Love,

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  1. Next time this happens, take a pic anyway! It's not all about showing off anyhow. To me, part of the fun is just seeing these familiar faces every Sunday on the blogosphere. It's a great reminder that we're part of a bigger community- our one holy, Catholic, and apostolic church! Happy Sunday!


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