12 in '12: Pics of the Year

May your 2013 be filled with so many blessings, love and hope!

Well, I thought I would break my blog-fast by looking back on the year with some pictures! :) The catch is?  One per month.  The loverly Dwija is hosting this fun lil' link up at her blog, House Unseen.  I hope you enjoy!

Hail Mary... ;)
Trying some scuba diving.
I was in Roatan, Honduras with my Dad,
who came to visit me after I finished 4 weeks of language school in December,
but before I got to the Ranch to begin my volunteering.
Quite a bit of stuff happened: moved to the Ranch,
met all of the volunteers and where I'd be living, orientation, my birthday;
had a UTI that required IV antibiotics (first time ever in my life).
It was a big month.
This is Moises and Yafet. Such, cuties.
This month, I started working in the clinic full time, everyday;
working in my hogar (including cute boys above) in the evenings;
had the goodbye party for the leaving volunteers;
things were getting a bit overwhelming;
and realized what an awesome group of volunteers I was with.
Well, I burned my foot in a hot spring at Lago de Yajo, on a mini-vacay with some volunteers (it really was a blast!);
the Spanish (from Spain) medical brigade came; began with Proyecto Familiar and celebrating birthdays in my hogar;
still plugging away at the clinic and in my hogar
Sun-rise Mass on Easter morning, it was beautiful; the surgical brigade happened;
I had pneumonia; really enjoying my time with the volunteers;
we had a volunteer doc and PA for 2 months (which was AWESOME!)
This may not seem like a wonderful thing to you...
but this, this was a HOT water heater for the volunteer house. It.was.amazing.
We volunteers may or may not have
dressed as the opposite sex and did a dance
in front of the ENTIRE ranch.
These cuties were stuck in the clinic b/c of chicken pox,
and I had to stay with them the entire time; we had our amazing volunteer retreat;
and the NEW volunteers began coming.
The amazing volunteers I worked with.  Such a great group of people. :)
This is at the goodbye party for some of the volunteers.
Another surgical brigade; went to the hospital in the city,
which really opened my eyes to what medicine is like in Honduras.  Crazy.
(Check out the tab above for more info about Honduras!)

Mom came to visit!!  We spent an AWESOME week in Roatan. :)
This month gets 2 pics... I also went to Nicaragua!!
It was ah.maz.ing. :)
Got home from Honduras.
And hung out with my cutie-patootie niece, Charlotte!!
I also began a crazy road trip to get down to Naples.
Then, this little peanut was born.
My sweet Goddaughter, Susannah Marshall :)
aka: Zuzu
Spent a wonderful Thanksgiving with my Momma in Minnesota.
And, of course, the time before that spending all of my my time with Zuzu.
Spent a great Christmas with my dad and his side of the fam. :)
I also had my first job interview in a lonnng time
Annnnnnd, I have been doing this for way too long.  I have got to stop.
I hope that you have enjoyed this, and don't forget to check out House Unseen for more!


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