What I Wore Sunday (Vol 8)

Happy Epiphany, everyone!! :)  So, I thought Christmas ended today!  BUT... it ends NEXT Sunday! Woo!  I hope everyone enjoys their last week of Christmas. :)

I haven't done my WIWS posts in a while.  I wasn't sure I wanted to post today, but I decided... what the heck!  So, per usual, I'm linking up with Fine Linen and Purple for all the fun church outfits.

Shirt: Anne Taylor, from a few years ago
Jean Skirt: No idea, from Goodwill

Flats: Payless, from a looooong time ago

Earrings: I got these in Honduras.  I love them.

I have a few posts rolling around in my head... so, maybe I will be getting some others up this week. I hope you all had a very blessed Sunday, and have such a wonderful week! :)

Paz y Amor!


  1. Your outfit makes me happy as you re clearly in a warmer climate than I am we are buried in snow!

  2. Such a pretty top; I love it! I second the jealousy that you're able to go sleeveless in January =)

  3. Ooooh, pretty pattern on the shirt. I agree with Thrifty and Chic Mom... gotta love that warm weather!


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