What I Wore Sunday (Vol. 9)

Happy Sunday!!

I wasn't actually sure if I was going to post today.  I have been struggling with this link-up lately.
I have been worried that it has gotten to be a little too... something.
I seriously love, love, LOVE the idea and concept behind it.
I am not all that fashionable, so I need a little inspiration on outfits that are modest AND cute.
Modest does not equal frumpy.

But, for a while there it seemed that it was to show off how great everyone was at thrifting or who could find the cutest outfit for the cheapest.
And, no one seemed to be giving any constructive criticism about the outfits that people were wearing. For a while, I thought this was great, it really forced us to look for the good.  But then, some of the outfits were just... no so good.  And, no one was saying anything about it.
I'll admit it... I am a chicken and didn't want to open that can of worms.  Who wants to be publicly criticized?  Then again, why do you have a blog?  Not everyone will agree/like everything that you post.  Right?
Am I crazy?  Is it just me that feels this way?
We have such an awesome and loving community established here, and I think it's possible to lovingly suggest other ways to wear things or what not.  Part of community is to be tough sometimes,  to encourage and hold each other accountable, all while being loving.

I don't know how often I will join WIWS, but when I do, feel free to give me some other suggestion if you don't think my particular outfit that day is flattering. :)  I do, however, wait to post any pics of my outfits until Martha gives me her two cents, or my mom.  They are super honest and won't let me walk out of the house lookin' like a fool.

Ok, I am done with that.  There are two reasons why I am posting today:
1. To show you how to wear a warmer weather dress with a full(er) bottom, as a skirt.
and 2. Because maybe young people will stumble upon these posts/link-up and see that being modest IS cute and not just for the Grandmas.

You guys.  At Mass today, I saw a family sit down with their 7 year old little girl wearing an outfit that showed her belly.  I am talking a skirt with a separate top that tied with strings in the back that covered her chest.  Her whole belly and lower back were bare.  I couldn't believe it!  I find that the sweatpants/rolled out of bed look and mini skirts to be just gross, but to let your SEVEN year old wear a two piece outfit that shows her belly to Mass is just another thing.  The mom was dressed fine. So, I don't know what happened!  It boggles my mind.

On to my outfit! :)  Eeeee!  I am in LOVE with my orange dress.

Blue sweater: Calvin Klein via Marshalls
Orange Dress: Victoria Secrets via Goodwill
Boots: Target
I bought the dress quite a while ago, when I discovered the amazingness of thrifting.  It's a tube dress, that's a little snug on the top (it's a small AND I need to lose some weight), but the bottom.  Oh, the bottom!  When you twirl around... the dress just opens so wide.  It makes me feel like a little girl again.  Or a princess.  I love it.
I knew I wasn't going to wear as it's intended use, but Mart was suggesting that I wear a white buttoned down shirt, tied at the waste- 1950s style.  It does look cute, but it wasn't my fave.  So, I had in mind a sweater that was short and a little chunky or something.  I have been waiting and waiting.  And then I found this awesome black jacket at Goodwill that looks AMAZING with this dress, but it makes it a little too dressy almost.  First date, perhaps?
Anywho... then at Marshalls the other day, I found the above sweater.  I have been working on outfits for Italy (and yes this one made the cut!), so I was looking for more cardigans.  Mart, always looking for multiple ways to wear things, said I could wear that cardigan with the orange dress!  Really?  Maybe.
I tried it on when we got home and it looks so cute!  At first I didn't like it, but after Mart kept saying it looked great and I did not, in fact, look weird.  It grew on me.  And, I love it.
So, all this to say: don't be afraid to try something new!  I have seen this look multiple times, but never thought it would look great on me.  But, I tried it and it worked!  Be sure to have someone that is completely honest with you, though (a BFF, mom, or your hubby if he's fashionable!).  Just b/c it looks good on one person, does not mean it will look good on the next.

Sunglasses: Charming Charlie
Earrings: Charming Charlie
And, detail of the buttons on the sweater.

As always, thank you to Fine Linen and Purple for hosting! :)  Please check them out for more modest inspirations!


  1. I hear ya, Jen. Being part of a community, online or not, definitely has it's challenges. I never know how to voice my thoughts when it comes to constructive criticism or anything in the least bit opposing. It is something that I am still working on personally. I can more easily do it in person when needed, but I truly do not know how to do it online without putting a stream of smiley faces or something of that nature. I would probably have an easier time telling that 7 year old that her shirt isn't "ok". LOL. In other news, I am a huge fan of your full twirly bright skirt (dress), especially with those boots!

    1. Oh, I'm with ya, Jiza! I am not a confrontational person... I really try to avoid it (unless it's someone providing horrible customer service... then I have no problems) at all costs.

      So, here's to us to get better at it! ;)

  2. If I don't have anything nice to say about someone's outfit, I just go on to the next person. I feel like criticizing people's outfit choices is more personal than criticizing their blog content in any other way.
    Luckily, I happen to think your outfit it very cute, most especially the twirly skirt of your dress and the color-blocking the sweater adds. I always find myself reverting to the same four or five outfits in the winter instead of looking out for pieces I can winterize :P

  3. Love the color combination and the volume of the "skirt".
    I don't mind anyone being critical on my blog. I put myself out there and not everyone is going to agree. I welcome any and all to participate in the dialogue of whatever I have posted about.

  4. Oh my goodness- I love toggles. The toggles on that cardigan are rocking my world.

    Also, I know what you mean about all of the thrifting talk. I don't like to share how much things cost. Honestly, I make purchases across a pretty wide range of costs, and it's just not anyone's business how much I'm spending. It's why we clip the price tags out of items after purchase (besides the whole itchy, gonna-fall-off-in-the-wash thing). But, I think the price-sharing is meant to come from a good place: encouraging those with little to no money. It's easy to make the excuse that we can't look Mass-appropriate b/c we don't have money, but that's simply not true in most cases. Even if one has to wear the same thing every Sunday, it's better than belly-baring shirts or sweats. AY-yi-yi, scary story!

    1. Oh yeah, I agree about price sharing. Sometimes I'll mention when I got something good on clearance, but I never share actual prices. Partly because my clothes are not all cheap, and partly because I don't think it's tasteful OR what the linkup is about.

  5. Hi Jen, I love your color combo here (and I'm not just saying that). ;-)

  6. I really dig the bright colors! Very nice!

    Sad about the little girl at Mass...that kind of this really bugs me. At Christmas Eve Mass I saw a little girl around the same age wearing a sequined mini-skirt-length tube dress, no sleeves, paired with high heel boots. It was jarring to see such a little child wear something so provocative. :p

    1. Ugh I know, right?! I just don't get it... I don't think I ever will.

  7. I love the bright colors. And can I also say that I think the your hair style is so pretty on you?

    Anyway. I think it's hard to offer criticism to those that you're not super close to. I appreciate the positive nature of this link up and the encouragement to think more about what we're wearing on the most important of days. Hummmm....I have a lot of thoughts about this. Maybe I'll make it an entire post though. Thanks for the prompt! :-)

    1. Thank you! I am trying to grow my hair out. Today was the first time in quiiiiiite some time that I blow dried it. It's thick and annoying to dry... and b/c I am in FL it's way easier to put up. Anyway, I really appreciate you noticing.

      And, I am glad you have something to write about! Always here to help. ;)

  8. Love your outfit! I was actually just flipping around on the internet and went to the WIWOS site. I scrolled through the little minis underneath the big post and saw your outfit, which was the only one I really had a liking for and then I click on it and it is YOU! Didn't even know you blogged. Excited to read it and to go out some time :).

  9. Jen! I am totally with you! That is part of the reason I initially did not participate in the link up. I still kind of have mixed feelings about it. I think the original point was to encourage each other to make the effort. And I think for the most part that is what it has done. I think there may be a handful of people that are taking it in a different direction... maybe :)

    I LOVE the skirt and sweater combo! Question: How tall are you? I love that skirt and it is really hard for me to find skirts/dresses that are appropriate. This outfit is great though! You nailed it :)

    1. I so agree with you ladies! I hesitated to participate, at first, too, and think maybe I need to put this to prayer. You're right that it has cultivated a great community and sense of affirmation all around, but things like sharing prices are a little uncomfortable. If you don't mind, Hilary, could you specify the "different direction" you mention? I get concerned sometimes that I'm not doing this for the right reasons, and certainly wouldn't want to contribute to a wrong message, nor, I'm sure, would anyone else, as I'm sure everyone's intentions are pure regardless of how they come off.

      On another note, you look beautiful, Jen! I have a convertible dress similar to yours from J. Crew and I love the twirliness of it, too!

  10. Super cute I love the toggle buttons. I am new to this linkup (as in 3rd week) and I am still figuring it out it does seem like it is taken in all kinds of directions...
    enough said.
    As for the girl there are no words when that happens as a mom of 4 girls I am beyond bothered by how some parents let young girls dress. iIt is bad enough when teens do it when away from parents but when the parents are present and allow it... there are no words!

    1. Kinsi and you both said they are toggle buttons... to be honest, I wouldn't have known. So, thank you for enlightening me!

      Ugh, I just don't understand the outfits these days for young girls. It really bothers me. I can't wait to have kids (God-willing) one day so I can explain to them the importance of dressing well and modestly.


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