Italia Parte 2: Firenze

Firenze... or Florence as, us, English-speaking folks say.
My first thoughts about Firenze:

It's sad, right?  I mean, everyone talks about how awesome Florence is and how beautiful it is.
Ugh.  Well, I guess that means I will just have to go back and get the real experience!

We left Assisi early on February 1, and arrived in Firenze a few hours later.
We went straight to the Academia and saw some Michelangelo sculptures, including the infamous David statue:
This is from Jennine's phone.
Mart was the gutsy one, however, and actually
snuck this photo!! :)
This statue was incredible.  I mean, the detail was just awesome.
It was very cool that we got to see this.

And then we walked down from that...

We are walking and walking... and BOOM!!!

The Duomo!!
 I have never stopped in my tracks like that before, but this was like BAM in your face.
I am a church.

Wow, was it impressive.
We had some free time, so we hit up the awesome market:

Not a great pic, I realize.
But, it went on forever.
 Then we all regrouped and had a private Mass.
I seriously loved having Mass everyday.

My Lord and My God.
Pretty courtyard outside of the chapel.
These trees are everywhere.
Soooo Italian.
Then we had some more time before dinner at this fab restaurant.
So, we walked around, shopped at the market and then got some hot chocolate at a cafe:
 Pic from Jennine's camera.
And Zuz decided she wanted hot chocolate JUST at that moment.
Haha.  It was hilarious!
As you can see... the hot chocolate was more like hot fudge or something.
Basically it was a whole lot of deliciousness.
And it got every.where.

The next day we... the next was the cold and rainy and windy day.  
Let's just get that out of the way.
So, unfortunately, there are not a lot of pics here. 

Tom, Mart, Jennine, and Father John.
Before we realized how cold it was!!
Where is the baby you ask?!
And, it was awesome.

Luca telling us all we need to know.
 We were waiting to go inside of the church...
This is not the church.
This is some governmental building.

And then we went in... and there was a ton of scaffolding.
And, it was ffffffreeeeezing.
Then we decided to take our time and get warm somewhere.
On our way... we saw this:

Then we hung out at a cafe for a while.  Got something warm to drink.  
And, I'm pretty sure something to eat, too.

Then we finally made our way to the Duomo.

There was a nice little spot where they asked people
to pray for the Year of Faith. :)
Incredible dome.

Overall, it really was a great time.  But, it wasn't as intense as Assisi or Rome, but it was still nice.
I think that I will have to go when it's in the Spring or Summer to get the real beauty of the place. :)

Up next: Roma!
Stay tuned! :)


  1. Wow!! Those chapels and the Duomo are beautiful, and you've captured them so well! You've got me dreaming of my own one-day trip...

    1. Thank you so much Stephanie! :) You definitely need to go! My posts on Rome are coming... it was by far my fave. Thanks for looking!!

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