Italia Parte 3: Roma, Day 1

I thought I was going to be able to split Roma in 2 posts, but it looks like almost each day will have a post.  I have SO many pictures... and I don't want to slight you all. :)

A thing about pics... I really tried to follow the "no pics allowed here" rules. There are PLENTY of them, with no good reason why it has to be that way.  But, the group that I was with (the more older crowd, if you will) did not seem to care.  The rules actually didn't apply to them.

We left Firenze pretty darn early to get to St. Peter's for Sunday Mass because the choir was PERFORMING!! :)  It was awesome.

There were supposed to be no pics during Mass... but, again, the old(er) people could care less!  And, of course, no one was going to do anything about it b/c that would be wayyyyy more disruptive.  Feeling a little guilty and rebellious, I took this one pic of the choir during their St. Peter's performance. :)

And, then snapped a few pics of the alter before we were all but pushed out!
This is the alter behind the main alter of St. Peter's.  Not many people get to be back there, and I am so happy we had the opportunity.

This is the main alter from behind, where only the Pope gets to celebrate Mass:
Incredible, right?
So much detail.
A quick pic before we were meeting as a group and heading to the hotel.
 This was just so surreal:
And, yes... that would be leftover Christmas decorations.
They took them down the next day.
I was trying to describe to a good friend the other day what it was like walking into St. Peter's Square.
It was really hard.
I stepped out there, where all those people are, and just couldn't believe it.
I was in St. Peter's.
I was in Vatican City.
The POPE lives here.
Holy moly.

And then to walk around inside the basilica.
To see the balcony where the Pope walks on sometimes:

Or his papal apartment:

I've only ever seen pics of these things.
It was just so awesome.  And, inspiring.

Before we got to the hotel... we had to get a pic of the Swiss Guards with the babe:
I think she was thrilled.
We went back to our hotel... and this was the view of our room before we had to move.

There were a few things that were not included in our tours. 
So, we took the free time Sunday afternoon to be tourists.

Because every city should have an adoration chapel...
Wouldn't that be awesome?!  I think so.
 Then we visited the Trevi Fountain...

And St. Ignatius of Loyola Church...
That dome... is actually NOT a dome.
It's painted to look like one on the ceiling.
Isn't that SO AMAZING!?!?!
And then to the Pantheon...

Where there is actually no dome... and just a hole.

You may ask yourself... 
Self, what happens when it rains?
Doesn't water actually come inside?

I can tell you...

But, they just put a barrier up and not really worry about it. :)
We ended our fun day with a great dinner with the whole group.
I have realized that I sucked at getting pics of the other people on our tour. Ugh.

Some silly moments with Mama:

And apparently some not-so-silly moments with Auntie Jen:

So far... I LOVE ROME!!! :)
More pics and posts to come!
Thanks for hanging in there.


  1. Um. whoa! Just whoa! I think I have a lot to catch up on with your blog! You little traveler, you! :)

    1. hahaha! Well, I hope you enjoy it. I have been on a blogging spree it seems. A few more posts on Rome coming!

      It was such a wonderful trip! If you have a chance to go to Italy DO IT! It's amazing. :)


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