Quick Takes Friday (13)!

~ 1 ~
 After I got back from Italy, I flew straight to DC so that I could do all my last minute packing/planning/organizing so that I could officially get my MOVE ON.
I miss Florida.
And this girl:
I took this on the plane on our way home. :)
~ 2 ~
If you missed, and are interested in, my posts about Italy, please check them out!
Roma is coming soon, probably in two posts.

~ 3 ~
A Rosary a day...

And journaling daily...

Are some things I am doing for Lent this year.
I almost didn't buy that Rosary in Rome... but I am so glad I did.  
I love the colors, and it's blessed by Papa Benny. So special.
Also, I love me some flor de lis's.  I really do.
Italian leather + flor de lis + a journal = MUST HAVE!
And I do.  Via the awesome market in Firenze.

~ 4 ~
There are many things that I will miss about DC and the surrounding areas:
It's home. TONS of memories (my whole life). Family. Reversion back to the Faith. First job. Family. 4 distinct seasons. The National Shrine. The National Harbor. Family.
Cold winters that actually make my hair look really good:

And wearing really cute clothes that are meant for cold weather.  
Something like this:
I only put this on for the purposes of this post.
It's actually pretty warm today- mid 50s.
Now, I realize that I could wear these cute clothes in Florida... but, I think I would, then, really be considered the crazy person.  And, I would die.  Of heat stroke.

~ 5 ~
Lovely Leila (Little Catholic Bubble) shared this great video of Cardinal Arinze from Nigeria (just in case you also didn't know. Like me.) about B16:

I forget the great wisdom that the cardinals have.  I forget that we can turn to them, not just the Saints who have already lived in this life, but turn to the people who are living it with us.
I want to meet this man.  He just seems so gentle, yet serious about the faith.
Great insight about the Pope's resignation.

~ 6 ~
I am pretty much done worrying about my storage thing now.
I am hiring movers.  End of discussion.
I leave next Saturday to go back to FL and will just need to make sure everything is in my storage and  out my dad's house.  Yippee!  One step closer to being done and settled!

~ 7 ~
Let's see... let's see... OH!
I almost done being sick, too.
Thank the Lord.  Literally.

Until next time, folks. :)
Oh, and don't forget to go vist Jen!  That's where all the action is.


  1. Wow, that rosary is wonderful! How awesome that Papa B blessed it :)

  2. That rosary is just completely gorgeous (and so special that Pope Benedict blessed it!). I'm lovin' your fur hood!


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