7 Quick Takes (15): It's MARCH!

Because it's another Friday AND it's the first day of MARCH (how the heck did that happen?),
I thought I would share 7 things I am looking forward to this month!

~ 1 ~
Doing more of this
She was reacting to the fact that I have a DATE tomorrow!
...with my BFF, Morgan, who is in Spain... I have mentioned her before.
Anyway, I explained to her that b/c she has the newest iPod touch we could be iMESSAGING!!!
So, now, I can be that much more connected to my good friend halfway around the world.

~ 2 ~
Starting my job
Gosh, I have been waiting for so long to get to this point.
To have a job. To have a schedule. To be an adult again.
And, now... this Monday... it's all happening.
All the worry and frustrations were worth it.

~ 3 ~
Making a schedule
Ok, so... I actually really, really enjoy having a schedule.
Don't get me wrong, I have so enjoyed my free time, doing what I want, whenever I want.
But, I can only take so much of that.
SO... to have dates to work, plug it into my phone, schedule other things, etc.
Eeee!!!  It gets me excited!
AND... I can start planning on having people visit! WOO!
(Let me know! ;])

~ 4 ~
To move to my own place
My owwwwwwnnnn spaaaaaceeee!!!!
Mart and Tom have been AMAZING and so gracious these last almost five months, but I am sure they are ready to not have this girl always around.  They can figure out life with the babe WITHOUT an extra person to worry about.
This is *hopefully* the little house I will be moving into!
~ 5 ~
Now, my very gracious, soon-to-be, landlords allowed me to go through this furnished house and choose what things I would like to keep!! Eee!!  A lot of it was soooo not my style, BUT, b/c I really don't have ANY furniture, this really was a huge blessing.
I can't wait to get all of my pictures, knick-knacks and what not to make this MY home. :)

~ 6 ~
My bed
You guys.  It has been... a year and a half since I have slept in MY OWN BED! 
A YEAR and a HALF!  I am so excited.  I just hope it's as comfortable as I remember. haha.

~ 7 ~
Meeting new people
I will meet quite a bit of new people at work, and I hope we all get along and even hang out after hours.  My last job wasn't so good at that.
AND, I can't wait to get involved with my parish.  It's going to be fun to get to know more people in the area, make friends, and have things to do.
Don't worry... I will only live up the street from Mart, Tom and Zuzu... so, I will be spending PLENTY of time with them, still. :) I know you all were worried.

~ 7.5 ~
'nuff said.

What are YOU looking forward to this month?!
Don't forget get to check out Jen and the gang for more 7QTs! :)

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