Don't shut Him out.

Man, today was one of those gives-you-a-good-perspective-on-life days.  Like, where you are subtly, but strongly, reminded that just maybe the things you think are so big and frustrating and on and on... are actually not that big of a flipping deal.  Now, this is not to say that the struggles I have are not  important to me and my life, but let's be honest: some things ARE more serious and hard and a big flipping deal.

For example... infertility.  There are SO many women (and men) who desire to have children.  To be a mom (and a dad).  To fully live out their vocations.

And, they can't.  For whatever reason.  I am not going to pretend like I know all the details.  Or how they feel.  Because, I have no idea.  I can empathize, as I believe I would be devastated if I found out that having some babes was not an option for me.

I have a good friend, J, who has been struggling for about 5 years.  She has such a strong desire to be a mom, and has not been able to make it happen (not without trying and praying and trying and praying).  She has had the run around, and finally found some hope by using the Creighton Method of NFP.  By having a wonderful NFP teacher and the opportunity to have surgery at Creighton University in Omaha, NE... she was hopeful to break through the wall of infertility.

Please pray for her.  And her husband.  She found out she will need more surgery in a few months.  She is completely beside herself.  She is hurt.  She is sad.  She is angry.  She wants to run away from God. 

Don't you feel like that sometimes?  We're all like, "Nope, I can't handle THIS right now.  God, it's just not working out."

I mean, since we're being honest (we are, aren't we?), I do this.   But, with everything.  The big and the small.  The really serious, and the not so serious.  The hard and the easy.

You know what happens?  I quickly realize it's hard to do it alone.  God uses these things, whatever it may be, to test us.  We know, as Christians, that through great struggle, comes great joy.  We have to muddle through the crap to get to the good, to the prize, to the streams of gold and honey.

It's part of life.  And, it sucks.  I know.  (which, I realize is actually not comforting.  I'm sorry!)

But, as I said to J earlier:
... but God is going to work here in some way.  He won't abandon you.  Tell Him everything.  All of your feelings, no matter how harsh.  It's ok to be hurt and angry.  Just don't shut Him out, even if it feels easier that way.  You may not feel anything or better right now.  But, you will at some point if you keep Him close...
(sometimes I surprise myself with the good things I say!)

We must rely on God.  He wants to be there for us.  Jesus is proof that through great, great, struggle comes amazing and beautiful joy.  It's the best example we have.  We have to trust God throughout it all.

I love having these kind of days.  I love when God reminds me that I need Him.  I love that He nudges me to go a little deeper.  I love that He loves and desires ME.

He's just so good... that God. ;)

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  1. Ah, my heart aches for your friend J. PLEASE tell her I'm praying for her... and that I too have had surgery at Creighton in Omaha...and I'm not a stranger to some of the emotions that go along with it.


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