Night shift + Pope Francis

Oh my gosh. OH MY GOSH!
¡¡¡Bienvenido a Papa Francisco!!!

Big things this week:
first nights of work AND a new pope.

So far so good with night shift.  
The nurses are really nice and work really, REALLY well together, which is a huge blessing.
I had my first two nights Tuesday and Wednesday (and another this Saturday... don't worry, I'm not slacking!) and they were kind of cray. "This isn't usual" is what I kept hearing.
But, hey... lots going on = busy, which means I have less of a chance of
Even though it was crazy, it didn't feel as nuts and busy as I was used to feeling at my old hospital job. It's all in the perspective, I guess.
Maybe that will change once I am off orientation and juggling the patients on my own.
We shall see. :)

Yea... I did this a lot last night...
I was able to sleep well, and felt rested both nights.... eh, I guess 'rested' is relative.
I made it.  So that's got to count for something.
But, with this whole sleeping during the day thing... you have a chance of missing important things.
I was bummed that I had to miss it, but I woke up to a TON (a ton!) of texts from friends/family yesterday afternoon with the wonderful news.

Habemus Papam!!!!

It's just SO exciting.
I didn't know much about (um, anything) Cardinal Bergoglio, but when I saw the gazillion tweets (yes, gazillion... it's awesome how many tweets and attention the pope generates from everyone!) and pics of the man taking the Seat of Peter... I was overjoyed.
My heart was happy.
I couldn't be more proud to be Catholic at this time.

And, to choose Francis as his name... brilliant!
It just brings about something magnificent already.
Well done, Holy Spirit, well done.

Fun Facts
(from same article as above)

Let's continue to pray for our Holy Father, just as he has asked us.
St. Francis, pray for us.
Holy Mary, pray for us.
Blessed JPII, pray for us.


  1. Also, he has ONE LUNG!

    I was lucky enough to be at home when I heard about it, so I turned on the live stream and went to town on my news feed! A great day, all around.

  2. I decided that my intubated, sedated patient "wanted" to watch the news all night.


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