You know what I love?!

... besides Jesus, my family and my friends...


You know what else?  FREE THINGS!

You know what's even better than that?!


You see... I have been known to spend hours a long time standing in front of the sunglass section of the store.  I mean... it just happens.  I don't even realize how quick the time goes by!  They have to be cute.  Not too tight.  Stay on my head when I bend down.  Stay secure when I push them back on top of my head.  Not too tight OR too loose on my nose.  My eyelashes cannot touch the lenses!   Oh, and... did I mention cute?

Yea... I am kind of a snob when it comes to sunglasses.  Well, not really.  I only buy cheap ones (b/c inevitably I will lose them, or they will break), so how snobby can you really be?  One day, when I am an actual grown up I will buy a really nice pair.  I will.  You'll see.

So, when I got an email from the peeps at Firmoo asking if I would like a pair of glasses or sunglasses for FREE, how the heck could I say no?!

So, off I went on this little Internet adventure!

For me, the website was a bit confusing to use (and kind of annoying. Every time you click on the thumbnail of the frames you are interested in, it opens in a new tab/window!), but I got through it.
I was able to choose whatever frames I wanted!
They don't really have many "free" sunglasses to choose from which was disappointing, but I was able to pick any of the regular glasses frame and get the lenses tinted.

When checking out, I put the wrong mailing address, so I emailed the guy who emailed me originally and he was able to change it without any problems.  Phew!  Also, there was nowhere for me to actually put that I wanted the lenses to be tinted, but, again, the guy was able to add that to my order.  Props for good customer service.

These are the frames I ordered:
Click here to see it at the website
And this is how it arrived:
Soft case, hard case and a little screwdriver
And a nice little cleaning towelette
 And different angles:

Annnnnnd me:

The bottom pic makes the glasses look crooked, they are not.
It's the angle of the pic. :)
*Disclaimer: I realize the quality of these pics are not the greatest... nor is there any artistic representation of my glasses.  My nice camera's battery is dead. I am alone, so I have to resort to selfies  (I cringe every time I say that) with my iPhone.  But, I think you get the idea!*

Oooooook... so, do I like these suckers?
Um, yes and no.
From the aforementioned criteria above, sunglasses really have a lot to live up to in my world.

Here's what I like:
~ They are lightweight! I forget that I am wearing them, sometimes.
~ My eyelashes don't touch! This is big.
~ The tint is actually pretty strong.  I didn't find myself squinting a lot when outside.
~ Comfortable behind my ear. It does't get sore or anything.
~ They don't come off completely when I bend down, but they don't stay up all the time either.

Annnnd what I didn't like so much:
~ They do not stay on top of my head when pushed back. Super annoying.
~ The style.
 I don't think they are very flattering, so these are not glasses I would just pick up and wear.
I also realize this isn't a major flaw with the glasses itself, but because I don't think they are cute, I won't really wear them.  I feel like I should be a skater/surfer/something else. Then I could make them work.  Also, I feel like they accentuate my nose.  I have never thought twice about my nose, but these sunglasses seem to make it more pronounced or something.  Maybe it's the thickness of the bridge?  I have no idea.

Basically, I look better in round frames that cover my face, like these:
Maybe?  Or maybe I am just used to those! :)
So, you know what is AWESOME?!
They have this really neat "First Pair Free Program" so you can try them out if you want!
Glasses or sunglasses.  Prescription or not.  You choose. 
Sometimes I miss my glasses (I got Lasik a few years ago) because of the way they would change up an outfit instantly.  These days, you don't even have to have bad eyes to wear them.  Fashion glasses are all the rage.  So, if you have been wanting to try the look out, why not try it for free?!
They have so many styles to choose from, you really can't go wrong. :)  Have fun!

If you were looking for some inspirational Holy Week post, I'm sorry you got sucked into my love of sunglasses- and that you actually made it this far!  I have decided to take the rest of the week off from blogging (like the rest of the world it seems... and the fact I work the next 3 nights). I'll be back after Easter!

I hope you all have such a blessed and fruitful Holy Week!
And, a wonderful, wonderful Easter filled with joy!

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