7 Quick Takes (18)

I really don't understand how a week can go by so quickly.  Sometimes the days can seem sooooo loooong and then all of a sudden it's Friday.  Again.  Does this happen to anyone else?  Sometimes, it really weirds me out.  ANYway, I don't have anything of significance to report today, so get ready for some random stuff about my life. Oh wait, isn't that what is this here blog is all about, anyway?  Right.  Well... enjoy it anyway. :)

~ 1 ~
It's official:
Colleen and the babe are coming to visit at the END OF THE MONTH!


MY MOM WILL BE HERE ON MAY 11!!  Just a little over a month away.

Who's excited?!  ME!

~ 2 ~
I woke up for work one day this week and walked into my porch and stepped in water.  Hmmm... that's weird.  I followed the trail and there was water EVERYWHERE in my laundry room.
Can you see that puddle on top of the dryer?
Oh my gosh.  It was all over the place.  The curtains were soaked.  The carpet.  The new little air conditioner that my landlord got installed was leaking all over the place.  She felt bad (and even came to clean up while I was at work. God bless her.) and just wanted to fix it for me.  The people came over the next morning and got it done.  No problems so far. knockonwood.

~ 3 ~
We interrupt this scheduled program to inform you that:


She is just getting so savvy with her computer. :) I love you, Grammy!

~ 4 ~
I have so many boxes all over the place.  I am just sick of it.
I need to find a storage place to put some stuff in (the one thing lacking with my cute little place is storage).  I want to start finding some other pieces of furniture so really bring this place together.
I promise, I will have pics to show you when I am box-less.

~ 5 ~
What's a 7QT post without a pic of the babe???
How cool is her highchair??  I want this for my future children!
Also... that is a carrot she is munching on. ;)
~ 6 ~
I had a comment the other day about my daughter being so cute!  I realize I post so many pics of her (b/c WHY NOT?!), but I think I do a pretty good job of giving credit where credit is due, especially with a baby. :)  That person really didn't take time to read anything I had written, just went in for the pics, I guess.  But, I just want to make this clear: the babe is not mine, she is my goddaughter and my best friend's baby.  That's all.  (Although, I may or may not have let people assume she is mine when I am hanging out with her in public...)

~ 7 ~
Annnnnnd, b/c I have boxes everywhere. Some are old pics.  Like this:
Hahaha.  This just makes me smile.
And, yes, it's a pic of a pic... that is brown from the box it's sitting on.
I love this pic for a few reasons: a) the Saab is brand spanking new. My dad gave me that car when I was 16 right after I got my license!  b) I am jumping rope, and it's a great shot! and c) my tongue is sticking out! Proves that I have always been a ham in front of the camera! 

With that... have such a wonderful day!  And a blessed and happy weekend!
Please don't forget to say some prayers for Jen as she is having her surgery today.
Also visit her to see some more 7QTs! :)


  1. Precious little girl! I hope my future children have smiles as sweet. God bless you!

  2. And look how cute your hair was and how cute your mom dressed you!

  3. And look how cute your hair was and how cute your mom dressed you!


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