Beach Reflections

Beautiful, right?
Got up early and went to the 7am Mass this morning (How? I have no idea. But, I work tonight, so I had to be up early anyway.) and it was very nice.  Not as many people.  Quiet.  And I had some great prayer time.  I just love that.

I came home and decided to go for a bike ride... TO THE BEACH!  Yes, I can do that.  I am THAT close.  Did I mention that I really love living down here?  Well... I do. :)

I love the beach.  I really, really do.  There is nothing like the sand between your toes and the sound of the waves.  Nothing.  It's beautiful.  Majestic.  Godly.  

As I was standing there, gazing at the seemingly unending gulf, I watched the waves come close to my feet, but then quickly recede right back into the water.  Over and over.  Again and again.  This is something that happens all of the time.  Twenty-four hours a day.  No one ever thinks of it NOT happening, right?  

And then I thought... maybe this is how God feels sometimes.  He is standing there waiting for us; looking out for us; watching us come so close we could touch Him, but then recede quickly, just as the waves do.  And He is there all of the time.  Twenty-four hours a day.  Yet we are the ones who think He isn't around or doesn't care sometimes.  We desire to be so close to Him, but are the ones to turn away.

Why?  Why do we do this?  Fear?  Uncertainty?  Worry you will be taken out of your comfort zone?  Afraid to be loved in a way that is sometimes hard to explain?

There are so many reasons why we don't reach out fully.  But, God is always there.  He has never left you.  Never.  He waits patiently as you move towards him, ebbing and flowing.  He waits until the day the wave crashes on your feet and you pour your heart, mind and soul to Him.  He will rejoice and be glad because YOU desire Him.  Just as He desires you.

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  1. Oh two comments in one night? Sounds about right ;)

    This post reminds me of a reflection I read on another friend's blog so I thought I'd share it --

    I know I need constant reminders that HE desires me and that it's not just about what I want or whether or not I want to take that extra time to sit in the chapel. Thank you for that reminder!


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