Creating an Office: I need HELP!

One day... soon... I don't know when.  I will actually have this place looking all snazzy and stuff. That is when I will show it off with some pics. :)  Until then, you will have to wait with much anticipation...

and get a sneak peak...

because I NEED HELP!

You see... I have no room for a desk.  Which, means I have no office type space.  Now, I don't really need a desk or anything (I have a laptop and I don't do any sort of work at a desk), but I do have tons of papers, bills and other such things to organize.  And, my brain really doesn't work in this way very well.  Plus, I am pretty indecisive.

I have room for a small type desk in my room, but I don't want it in my room.  I want to walk in my room and be able to relax.  Not think about all those bills and things which remind me that I am growing up I am an adult.  So my room: not an option.

But, I have a little space in my guest room:
There is another twin bed behind me.
To the left is the closet; to the right is the door.
Maybe a shelf?  A few wall hanging folder type things (that is the technical name I hear)?  I don't know.

Or my dining room:
Yup, those boxes are all empty. Still trying to figure out what to do with them.
Behind me is the living room; to the left is where the rooms are; to the right is the kitchen.
See how all the papers are on the table?  That's how I am organizing right now.  It's great right? No stress with that or anything.  Anyway, maybe something in the corner there?  I don't know.

Colleen is coming in a few weeks (!!!), and she has a brain made for this organizational funess.  But, I have already enlisted her help in organizing my jewelry.  Plus she is coming to be on vacay, not work and organize my life house. 

That's where YOU come in, loverly readers.  I NEED HELP!  Please let me know what you think.  Ideas?  Websites?  What has worked for you?  ANYYYYYTHINGGGGGG!

Please?  With cherries on top?
Thank you.

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