Five Faves (2)

This week... these are a few of my favorite things! :)  I love this link-up!  It's so fun.  Thanks to Hallie for hosting!


I love this stuff.  LOVE IT.  I can't tell you enough.
I don't know if it has really helped my skin... but, it has made is smoother.
The smell is divine.
Gosh, love it.

Diet Peach Tea Snapple
I go through phases of drinking this.
Right now... it's on!  
My mom used to drink it when I was younger, so I have good memories.

Yummy avocados!
Ya know, I didn't always like these guys.  They have grown on me over the years.
Last year in Honduras I ate them all.of.the.time.  I added some to pretty much every dish the Ranch made: rice and beans, egg and beans, rice and egg, tostadas, casamiento (beans and rice cooked together, also my fave), etc.  There wasn't a whole lot of flavor to many of the meals, so avocado made it so much better. :)
Now, I just eat them straight.  Yum-o.


Eeee!!!  This dress. :)
It was seriously made for me.  I don't say that often, but it's pretty amazing.
Martha and I went shopping the other day, and got some things for ourselves.
It was fun to shop together, again! :)

Oh and this one, too:
I don't know if I've ever gotten anything from Anthropologie before, 
but I sure made up for it this week.
I haven't bought a nice piece of clothing for myself in a long time, so it's ok. :)


My mom!
Poor thing is still STUCK IN THE SNOW in Minnesota.
Ugh.  I can't wait (she can't either!) until she is here in 16 days!
16! Woo!!

With that... be sure to check out all the favorites over at Hallie's!
Have a wonderful rest of your week!


  1. 1) never heard of it, but it sounds delicious! I's not for eating. :)

    2) loved the non diet version in ye olden days of college. Haven't had snapple in years!

    3) my taste buds heart them.

    4) swoon! I love the striped one!

    5) well, I don't know your mom, but I'm guessing she's pretty amazing to have raised you so well. Oh, and I saw snowflakes out my kitchen window today and said some not nice things. Oops.

  2. You should post a pic of YOURSELF in the striped one after the party tomorrow. Cause you look way cuter in it than that model (no offense, Miss Model Person).

  3. Oh snapple...I worked at a snack bar at a country club in college and enjoyed many a snapple! Those dresses are awesome and have me wishing summer was here already!!


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