Quick Takes! Woot, woot! Quick Takes! (20)

... um, a lot of times, I make up a jingle to go along with my 7 Quick Takes each week.  Does anyone else do that?  If you don't, try it.  It's quite enjoyable! :)

Joining the peeps, per usual, this week.  Grace is hosting while Jen and the fam ARE HOME WITH THEIR LITTLE MAN!!!!  So happy for them.  Prayers your way! :)


~ 1 ~
Um, Boston.
And West, Texas.
What can I say?
I have a leeeeeetle bit of understanding what the people of Boston (Watertown) may be feeling. I was in high school when the sniper was all up in our area of Washington, D.C.  It's scary not being able to walk outside for fear of getting shot.  The unknown.  Ugh, it's horrible.
So, so, SO many prayers for all of the people affected by these tragedies this week.

~ 2 ~
The girls at Mart's birfday dinner.
I forgot to post it on that day. #oops #friendfail
We still cute.  It cool. ;)
~ 3 ~
I was able to watch the sunset yet again this week.  I was on call for work, so what else would I do?!
Sunset + beach + rosary = perfection!
I say this all of the time. But, I love the beach. I love it.  I always have great reflections and reminders of the Lord in my life. :)
I hope I never take this for granted while living here.
Seriously... it's just amazing.
~ 4 ~
Right after I finish this... I AM GOING TO LOOK AT STORAGE PLACES!! 
So, then, I can stop talk about it on here.  I am sure you all will be thrilled.
Now that I have made it official on my blog, well... it has to get done.

~ 5 ~
Um, I just put a whole bunch of boxes and broken plastic tubes that were damaged from the movers for the recycle dudes... and they took them ALL!!  Praise the Lord! :)
I really thought they might leave them... and then what the heck was I supposed to do with it?!

~ 6 ~
Morgan over at Follow and Believe wrote this great post (thanks for the shout outs, girl!) about desiring your future but realizing that there is nothing wrong with you if you are not there yet.  Specifically with the vocation of marriage.  It's ok, and 'you are just fine.'  She says, "You are not broken.  You are not lost.  You are not left behind." Beautiful, right?  

Sounds a little familiar, too??  Yea... so many girls feel the same thing, ya know?  We are ready, we know what our vocations are, but how do we stay in the moment with the Lord and NOT stress too much about the future?

I wish I had the answer.  Because, I sure as heck need it.
Morgan and I are thinking about starting a support group for girls like us... or a series on the blog... or both. :)  We are pondering and we'll let ya know!! :)

~ 7 ~
This has been one random 7QTs this week. :)
With that... I'll be done. 

Don't forget: prayers for Jen and her family.  Prayers for all the babes in NICUs everywhere.  Prayers for Boston.  Prayers for West, TX.  Prayers for all the babies and women killed and abused by Kermit Gosnell.  Prayers for all those affected by tragedy every.single.day.  May God be with them and hold them in the palm of His hand.

Thanks, Grace!! :)


  1. SO jealous that you live near the beach/ocean.
    And thanks for the shout-out, friend! A whole take! Wowza! We'll make something happen, I'm excited :)

    1. Can't wait to read what the two of you drum up!

      And I second the beach jealousy! I was talking to a friend last night on the phone while standing outside, and all of the sudden I looked up to see hundreds of stars in the sky. I love how nature reminds us of God :)

  2. I do love the beach, but Florida is just too hot for this SoCal baby. :)

    Boy, oh, boy, do I remember that stage of being pretty durn confident in my vocation and waiting for God to bring me my husband already. We just weren't ready for each other for a while. Any other timing, though, and it wouldn't have worked. I'll have to put out a post for all the single ladies waiting on their husbands. I know I was one for a very long time. Starting a novena for each other wouldn't hurt either. Blessed Mary, St. Anne....:) I love that you are loving life in the meantime -what a great witness to living in the moment God has given you.

    Wow-sorry again for the novel! Have a most blessed weekend!!

  3. loved reading this post! And you take the best pics. maybe I could bride you into taking some pics of Hopie and Gracie. On the beach, I'll bring dinner :).


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