7QTs (22): Not Much Going On

Oh yea! Another episode of....

I really don't know if I have 7 things worth reporting.
Here we go!

~ 1 ~
I am SO happy Jen is getting back into the swing of things.
The few Fridays she wasn't hosting 7QTs I really missed them. :)
I am just so happy that she, the babe and the whole fam are doing well!

~ 2 ~
My name (along with all new parishioners) was on the cover of the bulletin for the week! :)
Thank you, St. John's, for the welcome!

~ 3 ~
I am so excited. So.excited.
Guh. It's going to be great.

~ 4 ~
Um, um, um.
My dad and Connie are getting their house ready to sell!
It's so crazy!  It's funny b/c I never thought of that house as "my house" but now that they are selling it, I am sad.  It was hard when my mom sold our house and she moved away.  Now my dad is selling his, although they will still be in town, it feels that my roots and ties to the DC area are lessening.
So strange.  Of course my grandparents are still there, and my aunt and uncle, but as the years go by, the less people I will have to visit there!

~ 5 ~
Wow... I am really struggling today.
After two rainy/stormy days... it.is.GORGEOUS. today!!
Blue sky. It will me warm. Slight breeze.

~ 6 ~
I really need to buy my ticket to DC soon.  I mean, I am going next month.
Yikes! I really need to get on that.
Or I won't get to see my daddy.  Or my bro, SIL and niece, Charlotte!!!
Going to buy it now.

~ 7 ~
Ok... now that I have bored you all with this weeks 7QTs, here is a pic of the babe!
I mean, what is a Quick Takes post without my cute goddaughter. :)
Guh... look at that face!!
This was the first time she was being carried on Martha's back.
I think she liked it... no?
Have a wonderful, wonderful weekend everyone!!!  
I'll be doing the working thing.  I know... I am just opposite everyone.  Such is a nurse's life. :)

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