NFP (ATSL): Taking the Plunge

Ok, so remember that time when I sad I was going to be soooo proactive about NFP and learn how to do it and basically be the bomb diggity??

Yea... well... I suck.

Ok, maybe I am little hard on myself (yes, I know, Mom!), but I haven't been so good at it lately.  After I had my really amazingawesomefun meeting with that awesome teacher, I never actually signed up for the Creighton stuff.

Ugh.  I know.  I knowwwww.

I continued to look at Martha's stuff, watched for my own signs, kept more of a mental note, etc.  But, THEN!  I read this post by Mary from Better Than Eden and I thought all of my problems were solved.  An app for the phone?  That uses the Creighton Method without calling itself that?  Yes, please.  Sign me up!

The thing with Creighton is that everything has to be done on their paper charting system.  While I understand the reasons behind this... it IS 2013 in the world of all-things-electronic, why don't they just have an app for that?  I mean, most physician's offices will be required to have an electronic medical record soonish... so, I don't see why Creighton shouldn't jump on board, too! (yes, I know it takes time and money to develop these things... I am not that dense).  It's just sooooo old skool to copy the papers and snail mail them to your practitioner, scan the papers and email them or... fffax them.  I mean, c'mon!  So, I really have been dragging me feet... all due to the logistics of getting my info to my teacher/practitioner.

Ok, so... enter the MyFertilityMD app on my iPhone.  YES!  It's so simple.  So quick.  They really make things easy for you.  They have videos to remind you of how to do things/what things look like/etc.  There is a reminder to make sure you actually chart that day!  It's awesome.  I'm going about my business, charting and charting.  And I soon notice...

I am always.always.always.fertile.  Always.  Really?  

I highly doubt that.  What I have realized since stopping my birth control months ago, is that my periods seem to be regular.  With that regularity comes a period of infertile days.  So, either I am charting my signs wrong.  Or, there is something wrong with me.  Bahaha.  I mean, I don't laugh b/c I want something to be wrong with me... I laugh b/c I am sure I will WANT to be this fertile when I get married so I can start popping out those babes right away. :)

So ladies (and gentlemen??), I say all of this b/c I think I just need to take the plunge here.  I need to contact my really amazingawesomefun teacher and get this ball rolling with the actual Creighton shtuffs.  I need to really make this more of a priority.

If I want to promote the goodness of natural (or organic) family planning, then I should actually, really be doing the work.  Amirite?!

As always... I'll keep y'all (I don't actually ever use this in everyday speech... but sometimes it just sounds so much better in writing) updated, whether you want to be updated or not! :)


  1. I think it's an awesome idea for those in the medical world to actually chart themselves, especially if they're going to promote it. Good for you for getting a head start. The app seems intriguing.

    1. Yea... I am trying! :) The app is really great. I think I am charting wrong or something. It takes about 10 days or so to understand your cycle.. I just feel like after months of using the app it never "got me"! haha. -sigh- Ah well!

  2. Happy Nurses Week, Jen! Thanks for your comment on my blog!!

    I use Creighton for PCOS, but haven't charted in awhile. I'm supposed to get back into it so I think i might try this app!!

  3. When I started charting (on paper), this happened to me too. According to the strict rules, I was considered fertile almost all the time. Of course, that just isn't possible. I talked about it with my teacher and we sorted it out. But if I would use an app, I would have the same problem you have. Maybe you could contact the makers of the app and see if they can fine tune it?


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