Vacay & Staycay (stacay?)

My mom left today. :(  Ended her vacay and my mini staycation.

It was SO nice to have her around.  I think I have mentioned that a gazillion times already.  So, I will show some pics of things that we did.  There wasn't anything big that we did, just a lot of time spent TOGETHER.  A lot of which was at the beach.

Not too shabby, huh?!

Maybe these will entice some more visitors!  I do like to show off my cute little house and the town that I am calling home. :)

We began with some time at the water park last week with Mart and the babe:

She loved it! :)
We saw many sunsets... can never get enough :)

I just love my dress.
 Yea... the beaches are awesome.

We saw dolphins!!! :)

We saw these dolphins at the Naples' Pier!

And, I almost got clobbered by a pelican. Bahaha!

I love you so much, Mom!  Thank you again for coming and hanging out.  I just loved having you around!  I can't wait to see you again! :)


  1. I LOVE your dress! (was thinking that in my head and then I read that you had written that :)
    Also, I'm thinking maybe I need to move to FL...I would just die to live so close to the beach!!

    1. Thank you!! :) Yes... you should. It's pretty awesome, I think.

  2. Thank you sweetie for everything you did to make our time wonderful. I am a very lucky mom, getting to spend Mother's Day and my birthday with you, and it was your idea! I loved the window into your life and I left knowing that you are in the exact place you are supposed to be at this time in your life. And your house is just perfect, I love it! The pictures you posted just does not do it justice!
    And thank you for nursing me back to life and for not mentioning it! I miss you and love you!😍


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