[NAS] What I L-O-V-E About Being Single

Hey hey errrrrybody! :)

Ok, yes.  We don't always like being single.  A lot of times we just want to be married/in our communities/etc and be done with this season of our lives.  Right???

Duh.  BUT!  (There's always a but...)

There are SO many things that are great about being single!!  Really!!

Here is what I like best:

I have been so incredibly blessed with all of the traveling that I have done.
The big trips I took in high school in college/right after college somehow don't count here.
Since I have been working, and a somewhat grownup, I have been all over the country (a lot of it was for work).  I have a pretty flexible work schedule so it makes having long weekends easy to hop on a plane or in my car to visit my friends and family!

I have also been out of the country quite a few times...
Dominican Republic for a service trip

Guam to see Morgan and Chris

Honduras, as we all know by now (and if you don't check my tab above or here for my recent posts about it),


Annnnnd most recently, Italia!! :)

I think it's easy to say, if I was married and had the babes... it wouldn't be impossible but I can't say for certain that I would have been able to go to ALL THE PLACES! :)

Time for myself, time for others.
Whatever I want, really.
If I want to take time to work more hours, I can.
If I want to sleep in, I can.
If I want to read, relax, go on a run, spend time at the beach, I can just do it.
I don't have to worry about planning around someone else's schedule (of course this is all related to my work schedule and such... I hope that's implied!).

I like my space... I am a product of being an only child and with that comes with having a hard time sharing my space.  Now, I don't think I am horrible at it, I do hear horror stories about people not being able to do it at all, BUT I really enjoy having my own space.
To put things where I want them.
To do the dishes how I like.
To clean the bathroom the way I feel it should be cleaned.
To leave my clothes on the floor if I want.
To walk around in a towel if I so desire ( I suppose that won't have to change when I am married... ;)).
I don't have to worry about the house looking a mess when it's just me and my stuff.

I will be the first to admit that I am not the most spontaneous person, but I can just get up and go if I need to do something.
Realize I forgot something at the grocery store? Go!
Someone calls and invites me over right now? Go!
Kind of with the time thing... I want to go to the beach, on a run, go shopping, etc, I don't have to check in with my hubby (or mother superior! ha) or get the baby ready... I can just go!

What do (did) you love about being single?!  Same things... something different?  Share it!

Next Week:
What can you work on NOW to prepare you for your marriage/life in community?
(prayer? giving of your time more? hanging around kids to see if you can envision your life with them? It will be different for all of us. Pray and really reflect what things you need to work on so you can serve your hubby/community the best way you can.)

***Help!  Morgan and I would like some feedback!  How do you think things are going?! Are the topics good?  Too surface or need to go deeper?  Is the frequency ok (meaning, is the every week posting cool, or should it change to every other, etc)?  Please be honest with us.  This isn't about us, and we want to be sure we are reaching out to all of you so we are ALL benefiting from this awesome series.  Please comment or email us!  Thank you soooooo much!!!***


  1. I love this. I love my space and that I can have things as I want it. Clothes on the floor..check
    Time and spontaneity... check

    1. :) Yea... I need to work on my clothes being all over the place. Hm... maybe something to consider for next week's topic! ;)

  2. I can really relate to the spontaneity! Instead of returning to my unairconditioned apartment because there's you know, a husband and maybe children to suffer with, I can leave work and decide to go sit in the massage chairs for a couple hours at the mall. :P

    1. hahaha... yes! I love those massage chairs!

  3. Ah, travel time! I should get on that. I think the fact that you went to Honduras and Nicaragua is so wonderful! I want to do the same thing!! Now for some feedback: a topic every week is great! The topics have been awesome and really helpful. I am hoping more college students link up!

    1. Yea Honduras and Nicaragua are great places.. you should go if you can!

      Thanks for the feedback! We really appreciate it!

  4. I love everything you said, and our lists are VERY similar! =) All good things to be grateful for now!

    I think things are going well and I'm REALLY enjoying the series! I'm the nerd that likes to write things far in advance and sometimes it is hard to write a good, thoughtful post with only a week's notice (because work can get nuts, ya know?). Maybe if we had the topics a little more in advance, that would be helpful! I do like linking up every week though, it definitely helps with not feeling alone! ;-) I think the topics are good, some are surface level and some make me really think, and I think a balance between the two is good!

    1. haha.. yes, our lists ARE very similar. Great minds think alike, of course. :)

      Thanks for the feedback! We had thought about giving the topics out sooner... so, maybe we will chat about that again. We understand work getting in the way. :)

  5. I feel like a stalker, reading everyone's posts...but I am so impressed with your heartfelt words. I can feel your pains and see your smiles through your writing, and I know your prayers will be answered.

    So happy that you found each other and that you are a support for each other!

    1. :) Thanks, momma! It is pretty cool, huh? And... don't worry about feeling like a creeper. We wouldn't have our blogs for the world to see if we didn't want people to read them!

  6. Feedback: I have been loving the series. I think every other week might work better because it doesn't put as much pressure on writing quickly however at the same time it might get easy to forget if it is or isn't going on this week. Take it or leave it but a topic I was thinking about was a favorite feminine book you love and encourages you. But like I said, take it or leave any of this.

    1. Thank you! Yea... we were thinking about every other week, as well. I am not sure what we will decide, though. It seems that a few other ladies enjoy the weekly linkup. We also thought about letting everyone knowing the topics in advanced more, so you can plan on which ones you really want to read about. And the book idea is great!

      We are still chatting about it, and will let ya know! :)


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