5 Faves: My House Edition

I did some serious cleaning today.  I don't always like cleaning... but I sure do enjoy being productive.  And, since I know sooooo many of you are dripping with anticipation of a tour of my cute little house, I present to you my five favorite rooms/things!! :)  I am not ready for a full reveal as I am still gathering things to make this place my home.  Please enjoy!

When you first walk into my house, you are right in the living room (not pictured), but one of the first things you see when you step in a bit is the wall of the dining room.
Shelf donated by Team Boda, word art from my momma and knick knacks are alll mine.
When my mom was visiting, we put that shelf up.
Ohhh my goodness.  That thing was nuts-o.
It took a while (and some LOUD encouraging), but we did it!!
And, I just loooooove it.

And, when you turn back to the door, there is the 5th word art:
good reminder, huh??
Alright, so now we walk straight through the living room (dining on right where the first pic is) to the hallway and the first door on the right is my room!  I just love my room. 
It's a little mismatched, but it's great. Bright and cheerful... just like me!
The door you see is to a great walk-in closet!
Keep walking down the hallway (you will pass the bathroom on the left and a wall of mirrors... not as creepy as that sounds) and we get to the guest bedroom!
I pretty much left this as my landlord had it! It's beach themed and I love it!
It was the only room that I didn't have to do much to, other than add some personal things.
It also acts as storage when I don't have guests! :)
Now, if we return back down the hallway, come to the living room and turn right, we enter the loverly porch!!
Hands down... absolute fave part of my house!
I think I have mentioned this before.
But, I mean... can you blame me???
This is an older pic, and currently the drying rack is STILL there!
But that stuff you see behind the door is all gone.
And, if you look into the window (bottom), it looks directly into the living room and you can see the wall from the first pic that is now decorated. :)

Again, if you look at the bottom portion of the above pic and move your eyes to the left, you will see those double doors.  Inside is another full bath (!) and the laundry room!!
And, I just love the washer/dryer.
After being introduced to them at Martha's... I was pleasantly surprised that I would have my "own" set!  It makes doing laundry just a wee bit fun.
My landlord added curtains to cover the area so that it's not an eye-sore.
I very rarely have them closed... such a hassle. ;)

Welp... there you have it!  I hope this little peak will hold you over until I am happy with how things are.  I may even use my good camera and take some good shots! :)

Happy Wednesday!
And, if I don't talk to you before... Happy July 4th!  Have fun swimming, eating hot dogs and watching fireworks!

Thanks, Hallie, for hosting!  Head on over there to see what everyone else is up to!


  1. Loved the tour and even cuter in person. You're house was so peaceful when I was there :).

    1. Thanks!! I can't wait to see YOUR house! :)


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