7 Quick Takes (32): The Online Dating Edition II

So, I wrote a while ago about some of the things that... kind of get under my skin about my online dating experience.  Today... I still have those same frustrations, and a few more.  Maybe it's just me.  Maybe I need to lighten up a bit.  I don't really know.  If you have any suggestions (or a really great Catholic guy, by all means let me know), I am all ears.

~ 1 ~
This is a great post by Cindy from The Veil of Chastity, that really made me think about how I am approaching online dating.  What do you think?  I am still trying to work through how exactly that translates to my everyday dealings with it.  We shall see.

~ 2 ~
Am I the only one who takes this seriously?
I know that I am not.  But, sometimes, I just feel like I am the only one who is really on there [being the site, a Catholic one specifically] trying to be as open as I can be to meet my future husband.  Does anyone else do the online dating thing who actually want to find their spouse? Or are they on there because they think they have to settle for "leftovers" of people that they don't meet in real life?

~ 3 ~
I am not "leftovers"
Listen, yes... I am on this website, but that doesn't mean I am some weirdo, misfit, can't get a date, crazy... and I don't believe you (as in the guys) are either.  I am taking this as another way to meet good, honest, devout Catholic men.  I may not meet my husband on here, but I am open... I am open to whatever the Lord has in mind.  I can tell by reading your profile whether you really believe that or not, or whether you are taking this thing seriously.

~ 4 ~
"I am not really sure about this whole online dating thing"
Please stop writing that!!
Take if off of your profile.
We all know that the ideal way we want to meet our future spouse is in person. But, in today's world... that isn't always the case.  We are an internet loving generation, so get on board!  And, if you aren't... just don't say it.  Seriously.  It makes me not want to read the rest of your profile...

~ 5 ~
Write a message!
I have said this before... if you are interested in a girl, then write her an actual message!
Oh, and maybe ASK A QUESTION!!  I mean, you want to initiate conversation, right?
If the girl happens to right you back even if you didn't ask a question, and tries to engage in a conversation and you STILL don't ask a question, please don't be surprised when you don't hear from me.  Rude.

~ 6 ~
Profile Pic
Please have one.
It is SO creepy when guys look at your profile and they don't have one!
It tells me you are not really interested or are not taking this whole thing seriously.
(Although, props to the guy that did not have one and sent me a nice message, which intrigued me enough to look at his profile, which revealed a very nice one with lots of other pics. When I questioned him about it... he said "I would rather pursue than be pursued." What? Yes, there ARE nice guys on these sites, people!)

~ 7 ~
Pray, pray, pray.
I mean... I have to say a little prayer these days whenever I log into the site b/c I often get frustrated when looking through profiles and such.  I don't know what that says... maybe I need to take a break for a while?  I am not really sure.  But, I have to pray for patience and perseverance.  And, of course for my husband, in general. :)

Thanks to, Jen, for hosting, per usual! :)  Head on over to see what everyone else is up to!
Happy Weekend!
I am also still posting every day this week over with Jen and everyone, too! :)


  1. It is not an area I've ventured into yet but who knows - never say never! My brother met his wife online, not on a dating site, just a regular site and they are happily married with three kids and one on the way, so I totally believe it's a viable means of meeting people! Have you went on (m)any dates through online dating?

  2. Loved this post, Jen! I am looking forward to seeing how the Lord works in your life (online and offline). Also, thank you for the link to my post! Cindy

  3. I agree with everything you have said here!! #4 drives me crazy as well! I also hate the "i don't know what to say about myself" or "I hate writing these about me sections" it just makes you look lazy and insecure!

    1. YES!! Ugh... why must they say that?! And it makes it seem like they really don't care. I want to be with someone who cares!!


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