Funny Story

Wanna hear a funny story?  Of course you do!

Mart asked if I wanted to hit up confession with her yesterday, and I was so happy she asked.  I hadn't been a little bit, and really needed a good cleansing. :)

So, we get to the church and both confessionals are opened.  Perfect!

I go in the first one...

Priest slightly startled: Oh, uh... peace be with you.
Me: ... hi? Thank you.  (I haven't gotten that response down yet... #fail)
Priest: ...
Me: Bless me Father for I have sinned... etc. (Say my sins)
Priest: uh huh.
Me: (finish up) I confess all of these sins and all those that I may have forgotten.
Priest: ...
Me: (thinking, ok... he is just pondering about what to say...)
Priest: ...
Me: ...
Priest: ...
Me in a slight whisper: Father?
Priest: ...
Me in normal voice: Um, Father?
Priest: ...
Priest: ...
Me: peers through grate to see a very peaceful looking, deeeeeep breathing (sleeping) priest)
Me: knocks on kneeler
Priest: ...
Me loudly: Father?
Priest, startled: Oh, uh peace be with you!
Me: confused, slightly
Me: Um, Father, did you happen to hear anything I just said?
Priest: Uh, no I didn't.
Me: Oh, um... I just confessed to you.
Priest: Well, can you give me a recap?
Me (whaaaat?! Seriously?? Is this REALLY happening right now?!): Oh. Sure. (recaps sins)
Priest: Finishes up Confession, gives penance and apologizes...
Me: Oh, no problem. Um, thank you...

And that my friends... is hands down the funniest/most annoying/most entertaining confession I have ever had. :)

Hahahahaha... oh man.  It still makes me laugh.  And, I hope it makes you chuckle, too.

Happy Sunday!
I hope you have such a blessed, blessed day!
St. Ann, pray for us!
St. Therese, pray for us!
St. Francis, pray for us!

And on that note... this is day 7 OF 7 of Jen's epic blogging challenge!  I barely scooted by. ;) It's been fun... and challenging... and a wee bit exhausting.  But, it did help me get back in the swing of things! :) Woo! I hope you all had fun, too!

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  1. This made me laugh! Kinda wonder if that's bad, buuuttt it's probably not. ;) Poor father! Must have been a long day.


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