So, how do you know...

... when you are a RUNNER versus someone who just RUNS?

There is a distinction in my head.  But, somehow I can't put it into words very well.

For over a month now... I have gotten up every morning and run.  I just do it.  My mind may still be sleeping  but my body slips the shoes on and just goes.  Mind boggling.

It was after that initial push (pull? dragging?) from Martha (AFTER we had just done a Jillian workout, btw) to go on a run with her.  I did... begrudgingly... and yelling to her husband as we trotted out the door, he might have to come looking for me b/c I will be dead on the side of the road.

Surprisingly, I made it.  I didn't die.  How??  HOW?  This I do not know.  God's grace?  The world ending?  Who knows.

And even more surprising... I have just kept running.

Simply, amazing.

So, when Mart said that she and her mom were running a 5K on the Fourth, she realllly tried to convince me to do it with them!  And she did.

And, so we ran it.  This morning.  I ran the whole thing!!!  Well, I did walk for a minute b/c I got a cramp (after getting excited that the finish was RIGHT THERE and then realizing that I still had a second loop to do.  Oops! #rookierunner)...

BUT I JUST KEPT RUNNING.  You know what?  It really wasn't that bad.

Earrrrrly... and the babe is just as cute as ever. :)
Yes, I look special (thanks Mart),
but I saw Mr. Rogers with the camera AND was excited I finished!
Mrs. Rogers and Mart almost done!
Such a good feeling :)

So... am I a runner?  I guess so.  It's more of a mind thing, ya know?  I don't feel like a runner.  I came across a blog from a college friend and I read this post last night... perfect timing, huh?  She linked to this great post, as well.

It's all in my head.  I guess I will just keep running and see if my head catches up at some point. :)

Thank you for all of your prayers, support and encouragement!!  Next up... possibly a 10k in October!  What is happening to me?!?!



  1. I recently started running so I completely understand how you feel! When I say "I am going for a run" I am still like, who the heck is saying that?

    1. YES!! Exactly. It's crazy. It's almost like I am 2 people... the one that runs and then the one that does everything else. I still don't know the one that runs very well, so when she comes out, I'm like, WHO is that? :)

  2. You go girl, seriously, you go! If you do a 10k, I am going to do it with you. Just say the word! I always need some inspiration.

    1. OK!! I'll get more details and let you know. :) Mart's gonna do it, too, of course! AND, Jennine!! Girls runnn!!

    2. Right now, makes me laugh thinking about it...but YES lets DO IT.


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