NAS: Challenge Accepted

First, I just wanted to apologize for being here, but not really being here.  The last few weeks have been a little crazy.  I am going to try and be much better at actually writing something each week! :)

Alrighty.... so Morgan and I posed a challenge a few weeks ago:

Ok, so... you think you are called to marriage? What have you done to help with that? Go to a young adults activity! Sign up for! Something that allows you to take an active step towards meeting your hubby. Praying is important, but God isn't just going to plop him in our laps for us, we have to do our part, too!
Or, feel the religious life is your thing? What about reaching out to a community you're interested in? Go on a retreat with them!  Have coffee with a sister from another community! Same goes for you ladies... pray, yes. But, it's important to be active in your search for God's will.
SO... on 8/13 tell us what you did! How'd it go? Did that help motivate you to do more?

Today is the day we get to talk about it!!  Now I know that there might have been some confusion, SO if you didn't do anything, yet, to talk about today... no worries!  What do you want do?  What would be something that would make you step out of your comfort zone?  When you do it, maybe you can update us all later! :)  I think it's so important for us to be able to challenge one another, hold each other accountable and push ourselves out of our comfort zones, all in a loving way.  It's all part of the Christian friendship, right?!  So, that's what we are trying to do here!!

Let's see.  I kind of struggled with my challenge.  More on a practical level.  I really want to get more involved with my parish.  Specifically, the young adult group.  I was able to go to ONE, just one, meeting. :(  It was a good meeting.  I am glad a went... I get shy meeting new people (which is funny b/c I love being around people... but when they are new, it's hard for me!), so it pushed me to actually get there.  Once I did, it was pretty easy.  We discussed the first chapter of Lumen Fidei.  And then about a whooooooole bunch of other Catholic things.  It was nice.

Now, I haven't been back b/c I have worked every.single.Tuesday since then.  I am feeling confident that veryvery soon my schedule will be a bit more open to allow me to do more things.  LIKE... becoming a Eucharistic Minister.  Now, I know this isn't the same as making an active step in meeting new people, but it does help me get more involved.  And, it's been on my heart.  So, there's that.  I can't wait!!

Another thing that I have decided to do is be a bit more intentional in my interactions on CatholicMatch.  I have talked about my experiences here and here, so I am trying to be more proactive, I guess.  Nothing fruitful has come, yet, but I am ok with that.  This is just another tool to help me be more open to finding my hubby!

So, that's where I'm at.  My biggest thing right now is getting more involved at my parish.  I think that will be huge! :)

YOUR TURN!!!  I can't WAIT to read what y'all did.  The linkup par-tay is over at Morgan's here today.  Life just gets in the way sometimes! :)  Linkup below!

Thanks to those of you who gave us some topic ideas!!  We REALLY appreciate it. :)  If you don't see your topic, don't worry, I am sure it will be coming!  If you want to talk about something, then please let us know! :)  As always, email, comment, tweet, SOS, or whatever!

Next Week, 8/20:
What is Love of Friendship?
(What is love? But specifically within a friendship.
You can talk about it in any way you would like)

August 27:
Random Facts
I feel like we know a lot about one another, but don't know the everyday things that make us... us!  So, this week is a little lighter on the content and more about getting to know each other! Have fun!
~ Age
~ Area of country (no need for specific location on the interwebz)
~ Are you working? If so, what do you do? Or, are you in school?
~ Family (let's see some pics!)
~ Confirmation Saint
~ Favorite Gospel?
~ # of previous relationships (ya know, that required a FB status change!)
~ Top 3 qualities you are looking for in your hubby
(b/c, hey, maybe we can help each other out! Cousin? Coworker?)
~ Online dating experience? Advice?
~ Advice for a single lady
(in tweet-like fashion, 140 characters or less)

September 3 (WHAT?! How are we talking about September already?):
Follow the Peace
(a followup to my post on following the peace a while ago.
What brings you peace? Are you able to do those things?
If not, what's preventing you?

September 10:
Is it possible for a woman to pursue a man?
(what do you think about THAT?!)


  1. I LOVE being a Eucharistic Minister, it is one of my favorite ways to be involved in the Mass, and it can help you meet new people too!

  2. Way to go, Jen! Your new community sounds AMAZING. :) And from my experience up here in Boston, community has been more of a sure fire ticket to a spouse than CM. ;) But CM did give me a good true-blue friend and some new possibilities this year, so you never know!

    1. haha... that's what I hear, too! I am just trying to do ALL THE THINGS so that God nows that I am open to finding my hubby ;)

  3. Being part of a Catholic community is great, the young adult group I am involved with has been wonderful for my social life. I am still new to Eucharistic Ministry, I only started in January and only serve one Daily Mass a week but you do meet people or at least become recognizable I always have people waving at me or saying hello because they recognize me from church (not my home parish).

    1. Hey, I am definitely ready to get more involved! :)


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