NAS: Envy and Singlehood

Hey! Ok, so I just got back from my weekend of surprising my SIL for her baby shower, and haven't been able to prepare this week!  I hope to try in the (later) morning, but I work SO, I might have to sleep before.  Ugh.

It's all about envy and singlehood... however you choose to interpret is up to you!  I can't wait to read what you gotsta say! :)

Challenge time!!!
I can't wait to hear all about what you guys have chosen to do!

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  1. I'll try to write a post on envy this week, as I'm back to work (and internet) since Monday!
    The topic for next week's post isn't entirely clear to me though. What should we write about?

    1. hey Ciska! good to have you back! check out this concise list of our topics and what they all mean!


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