Quick Takes: Good Things are Happening!

Oh hey... do you still remember me??  I blog here.  With the surprising my SIL, working 3 nights straight and running around... I've hardly had time to sleep, let alone blog.  I have a lot on my mind, and hope to put those thoughts into blog form in the not too distant future. :)

Until then... enjoy some Quickity, Quick, Quick, Taaaaaaakes!

~ 1 ~
You guys... I have some news.
No, I am not pregnant. Or, engaged.
(which is good... on many levels!)
But, I do have some pretty exciting news!
I am not ready to fully divulge on here, yet, but will soon!
So, thank you for all the prayers that you may have said for my "special intention" these days!
They have reallllllly been helpful. :)

~ 2 ~
I love conversion stories.
I had asked a while ago about doing something so we (as in me and whoever happens to read my loverly little bloggy) share our stories! But, no one said anything. 
Amanda from worthy of Agape wants to do a linkup on JUST THAT!!
Mark August 15th down on your calendars!
Write up your story and linkup up with Amanda!

~ 3 ~
You know what's a wee bit unfortunate?
Getting five fillings.
But, the being numb for HOURSSS and not being able to talk right or tell if you are drooling or not BEING ABLE TO EAT WHEN YOU ARE STARVING for fear of chewing everything BUT your food.  That is the most unfortunate part.
And the fact that my new dentist told me most of this COULD have been prevented if my previous dentists did their job better.  Isn't that a nice thought?

~ 4 ~
Speaking of the dentist.
I don't really mind going.  Even if I have to get fillings which won't allow me to feel my face for a long time.  Whatevs.  I have had so.much.work.done since my first ortho procedure, the dentist just became my second home.
But, what I will NEVER understand...
I mean, do you they just want to hear themselves speak?
You can only add so many "uh-huh"s and shoulder shrugs and forced giggles to a conversation before it gets old.
Does anyone else have that problem??

~ 5 ~
I miss my niece.
I miss hearing her say "Aunt Jen! Aunt Jen!"
She is SO big now.  I mean, she will be THREE in a few weeks.
I can't believe it.
She is such a beautiful little girl.
I can't wait to see her grow in her role as big sister!
And I can't wait to meet my still-in-utero niece in just a few months!!
Gosh, I just love my family.

~ 6 ~
The other day I was really craving pizza.
But with pizza, there is cheese.  And since I have resolved to do the dairy-free thing for a while, pizza was looking like one of those things that I was just going to have to give up on.
My lovely sister-in-law decided it would be her mission to figure out a way for me to eat pizza.
She searched things and then she and Matt thought about restaurants in Lawrence that would have dairy-free cheese for their pizzas!
They were right!
Wheat State Pizza was the winner!!
I got a Hawaiian that has Mozzarella Daiya 'cheese'!
I was hesitant... but it was actually really good! 
Thank you to Matt and Em for that discovery!

~ 7 ~
Whole Foods sells Daiya... and now I am hooked, I think.
They have many different styles, but I've only tried these two.
I think I am going to do a whole post very soon on all the things that I have found that are dairy-free AND delicious! :)  So, stay tuned for that!

And with that... this has been theee longest Quick Takes.
Maybe not what is actually here, but to write.
So, off I go to eat! Nachos with the Daiya cheddar shreds.

Have a wonderful weekend! Please go visit Jen to see what she and everyone else are up to!


  1. I just have to say...YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!

    I can't wait to hear/read your news :)

    Oh, and thanks for the shout-out about the link-up, I can't wait to read your story!

    1. Well, I don't know what I did to deserve that compliment, but THANKS! :) Yea, I will be revealing later this week, I hope. Woot!!

  2. The whole dental conversation baffles me as well. Your little niece looks like you!

    1. Right... I think they must take a class specifically for having 'conversations' with patients when their mouths are open. :)

      And, thank you! I wish I could take the credit for my niece. Gosh, she is just the cutest, though!


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