A Week in Pics + Fasting

As always... if you follow me on Instagram or are my friend on FB... then you have seen these pics. But, I can't help but share them everywhere... b/c that's how I do.  Plus, I know that I have family that do not have either, and love to see my pics, too!  So, please enjoy! :)

Officially an EM for my parish! :)
Can I just say that I la-la-LOVE wearing scrubs everyday?!
New hair!!! :) I just loooooove it.
My stepmom suggested making my own tortilla chips from actual tortillas!
Cut, brush (or dab with paper towel like I did!) some oil, sprinkle some salt
and bake until crispy/golden! :)
Just the girls.
Then we decided to get fancy and make something special the other night!
What do you think?!
My running has been a little... blah lately.
But, this morning was PERFECT!
The weather was great and the run was good, too!
As most of us know, yesterday Pope Francis called for a day of prayer and fasting for peace, specifically for Syria.  I got up yesterday with the intention of running, but then I got up late and was gonna still go... but, I decided going to Mass would be more important.  Even though I was late, it was a great way to start out the day.  I had a good confession, too.  I decided to give up all social media.  Now, I realize for some this isn't a really big deal, but I had never actually done it before.

So, I did.  No FB.  No Instagram.  No reading/writing blogs.  No Twitter.  No Pinterest.

Let me tell you... it was hard.  It's amazing how intertwined my life has become with all things social media.  It's something that I would like to ponder a bit more.  Every time I wanted to 'gram a cute pic of the babe, I offered up a prayer.  Every time I had the urge to tweet something silly, I offered up a prayer.  Whenever there was some downtime and I wanted to grab my phone to look on FB/read blogs, I offered up a prayer.

I said quite a bit of prayers for peace yesterday. :) After the morning, though, it did get easier.  I made myself walk away from my phone and keep a distance between us.  Really, when I didn't see it, I didn't think about it as much.  It was so nice.  It was freeing.  And, let's be honest... I didn't miss much. :)

It was such a good experience for me... I might try to do this weekly.  Because what's the veryfirstthing I did when I woke up this morning? CHECK ALL THE THINGS!  And, so it begins.  It was a great reminder of what is important.

I hope your day of prayer and fasting was just as fruitful.  Just b/c the day is over, please don't stop praying for peace.  Peace in your heart.  Peace in Syria.  And throughout the world.

I hope you all have such a wonderful week!
Blessings and love,


  1. First, SO JEALOUS you get to wear scrubs every day. Comfortable and less decision making? If only. :) Second, I don't think you are actually supposed to cook the baby. Just nibble the toes. And lastly, I fasted from social media (though I didn't include blogs) and it was H-A-R-D hard! I give it up every so often, and each time I realize how attached I am to my phone or other devices. I'm thinking of picking one day a week to fast from social media too - let me know what you decide! Strength in numbers! (Can we still text?? LOL)

  2. Um, again, just gotta say I love the hair.


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