Happy 3rd Birthday, Charlotte!

Dear Charlie-girl!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!  I know you don't realize this, as you are still so little, this is the first year that I am not with you on your birthday.  It makes me a little sad.  You won't ever remember your first and second birthdays, but you might your third, and I won't be part of those memories for you.

One month old.
Even though I am not there, I want you to know that I love you so very much.  You have brought so much joy into my life.  Before you even entered the world, I knew you were going to change mine.  And, then when I finally got to meet you... oh man.  You just blew me away.

You were just so tiny and delicate and bald... but perfect.  Oh so perfect.  I loved you even before I got to hold you, but you seriously took hold of part of my heart when you smiled at me for the first time.  There is something special between an Aunt and her niece.  I love my Aunts so much... and I hope that I can bring half of what they have brought to my life for you.

One year old.
I have loved watching you grow up.  Even though we don't live close to one another, we have such wonderful technology where I can still see you, and sometimes even hear your adorable, soft spoken voice.  To see you smile and run and climb and swim and be a kid warms my heart more than you can imagine.  Your mommy and daddy have done a wonderful job of letting me know how you are doing!  I will forever be thankful for that.

Two years old.

Today, on your 3rd birthday, I want you to know how special you are to me.  Yes, I know I have a few other babes in my life, too.  And, soon, your sister will be here.  But, you, my dear, are the first.  You are the one who entered my heart and showed me what it is to love completely.  I will never be able to thank God enough for the gift of you.

I pray for you today, and always.  I pray that you will continue to grow and learn and love life.  I pray that you will grow to love the Lord with all your heart, all your strength and all your might.  He loves you.  I pray that you will be the best big sister in the whole world... which won't be that hard. :)

Almost three years old!!

I love you very much, Charlotte Estella!
Happy Birthday!
Auntie Jen

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  1. This is just the sweetest thing ever. I read it twice because my tears blurred the words! Charlotte is a very blessed little girl having you in her life!


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