One Year

One year is a long time.

But, also, one year is so flipping short.

One year ago, today (I tried to post this yesterday, but life happens, ya know?!) yesterday, I left Honduras.  I cannot believe it's already been ONE YEAR!  How does that happen?!

Leaving was one of the hardest decisions I have ever had to make.

And, today... one year later... there are times when that decision weighs heavy on my heart, and other times I don't think much about it.  Either way, me leaving, was the best thing for me to do and I can't imagine my life not being what it is right now.

I was able to celebrate my niece's second birthday, and spend some quality time with her.

I was able to have a quick road trip and see some family and friends.

I got to meet, love on, snuggle, fall in love with my goddaughter.

I officially became a Godmother. :)

I went to Italy!!

I started a new job.

I was able to find theeee perfect little house to rent.

My mom was able to visit her kid that LIVES IN FLORIDA!

All the while, continuing to meld into Martha and Tom's family... like I had been part of it forever.

I struggled at my job, and by the grace of God was able to find another one!!

And so many other things, however quick, that have impacted me and led me to where I am right now.  Yes, I left Honduras.  It sucked.  But, without leaving, I wouldn't have been able to experience any of the things that I have this past year.  No way.

This is not how I thought things were going to play out... but, God sure did.  He has guided me, encouraged me, loved me and brought me to this point exactly.  Reflecting on this, it sure is amazing all the things that I have been able to do.  Really.  I sometimes feel like my faith is lacking, that I should be better (and yes, I should!) at praying more.  I get down on myself for it.  But, listing all these amazing things... times when I really questioned everything... He is the only constant.  Even when I didn't feel Him... He was there.  He pushed me.  He stretched me.  He challenged me.  From here on out... there should (key word) be no question of my trust.  Trust in the Lord's plan in my life.  It will always be slightly different than the plan I have for myself... and that's ok.  God knows me better.

And that... is pretty darn awesome. :)

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