Walking with Mary {A book review}

I mentioned this a while ago, but I saw on Rhaki's 7QTs one day that her hubby, Timothy, was giving away Walking with Mary** by Dr. Edward Sri on his blog.  I had just heard about the book on Catholic radio and thought I would really enjoy it.  So, I hopped on over to Timothy's blog and entered to win!

Lo and behold!  I WON!!!

I started reading right away, and I was hooked.  I feel like I was having a conversation with the author, almost.  It's a book about Mary's life, from the Angel Gabriel's visit to Jesus dying on the cross.  We see Jesus' life through His mother's eyes, yet we also get to really know Mary, as well.  Dr. Sri takes all of the scripture that mentions Mary and breaks it down.  Not in an over-the-top/over-my-head kind of way.  He makes is real.  He brings it back to the present.  To our life.  Using Mary's relationship with her Son as a model for how our own relationship with Jesus should be.
"Mary's next step in her walk with the Lord reminds me of a simple prayer that is as intriguing and inspiring as it is terrifying:
O Lord, please help me to do what you want me to do, say what you want me to say, go where you want me to go, And give up what you want me to give up."
 (pg. 53) 
God couldn't have planned it better for me to read this right now. :)  This book has really made me reflect on where I am in life these days.  To trust Him more.  To rely on His love.  To embrace the tiny crosses.  To go where ever it is that He is leading me.  To understand that Mary knows exactly what I am going through is comforting.  I don't have the best relationship with Her... but I believe this book has given me a little push in the right direction to reach out to our Mother more often.

Walking with Mary is an easy read, one that (if I didn't have my life to live) I would have finished in just a few short days.  Even though it's easy, it's not a simple book.  It's challenging.  It makes you really think and reflect on what Mary was going through.  Dr. Sri did a great job of bringing in the Old Testament prophecies and explaining their Truths through Mary and her Son.  I really enjoyed that because my bible knowledge isn't the greatest, so any explanation I can get is awesome!

Even though the footnotes at the end of each page were sometimes distracting, I did enjoy having them there to provide better context on certain topics.  It helps quite a bit!  I also wish there was an index or something that I could quickly look up a part of Mary's life or a theme that was discussed to find it quicker.  I should have had a highlighter and pen in my hand when I was reading it!

Overall, I loved this book!!  If you have an awesome relationship with Mary already, read this book, it can only improve it!  If you have a desire to get to know Mary better, read this book!  If you don't know Mary at all, and want to see what is up with this woman we all adore, read this book!

Basically, there isn't a good reason to NOT read this book!  If you do, please let me know what you think! I would love to hear! :)

*As I said, I won this book.  I was not obligated to review it, I just love it that much!  Just in case any of you were wondering where my loyalties lie. haha :)
**This is an affiliate link however, if you happen to buy this book through that link, I will get a wee bit in return. No pressure... just wanted you to know!!


  1. This is great! I do book reviews on my blog and this just happens to be the latest book I requested. I was excited before (I've met Dr Sri and heard him speak multiple times and have so many friends/connections with FOCUS), but now I'm SUPER excited to read it!! Thanks, Jen! God bless!

  2. I did't jump right into this book because I have taken a Mariology course so I know my share of theology of Mary. However after reading your review I am thinking I may just have to bust it out.

  3. I am two days away from physical possession of this book and now I am really looking forward to getting started. I went physical book instead of ebook so I have to wait to get my hands on it but now I am really looking for to starting it.


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