Daddy/Daughter Weekend

I mentioned a little while ago that I my daddy-o came to visit for his birthday. :)  He wanted to spend time with his daughter for HIS birthday... how sweet is that?!  My dad isn't a big talker... so there were a lot of moments of just being together.  And then laughing at the silly, weird, funny (sometimes not funny!) jokes and statements.  That's how my dad communicates.  Through humor.  While it is sometimes frustrating when you want to have a serious convo, I know he means well.  I know that he loves me and wants the best for me.  And wants to know my heart, even if he doesn't know how to respond.

So, dad!  I love you! Thank you for spending your weekend with me! I hope that you had fun down here in sunny (and pretty darn warm that weekend) Florida!  I'm sorry I got frustrated a few times and maybewasabitrude. :( I love you so much and I am SO happy that we got to spend that time together!

Will you be coming back?!

And now to share some pics.  This is basically a photo dump post... but, who doesn't like looking at pictures?!  We ate A LOT (we both really love breakfast... and diners!). Went to Starbucks maybeee multiple times a day.  We went to the botanical gardens in town.  Watched the infamous sunset.  Went to the movies (which, btw, was the FIRST TIME SINCE HONDURAS. Meaning, the last time I was IN a movie theater was when I was still living in Honduras! Isn't that crazy?!)! :) Enjoy!

Dad was using the camera at this time... can you tell?!

The butterfly garden was really fun! It was like a game trying
to get a pic of the little suckers!

**all of these pics were taken in manuel mode (with the exception of the very first two... they are iPhone pics)... thanks to trial and error, and dad's persistence! I am getting there. Slooooowly, but I am getting the hang of this thing. :)


  1. Sounds like a wonderful grown up daddy daughter weekend! Glad you enjoyed your time together, and I am sure, he will be back!

  2. What kind of camera were you using?


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