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I think I am coming down with a cold... so, I am just gonna link a few blogs/websites here.

She writes about all sorts of things pertaining to the single life. She really has a great perspective, as she and her hubby got married in their mid thirties. She understands our ache all too well.
AND, she is a huge supporter/promoter of this here Not Alone Series. :)
Check her out!

This is a newer-to-me blog that is about the NOW in this life. They don't really discuss dating or chastity, but the other areas of our lives.  They definitely provide food for thought.

I don't always read all of their posts, but they do have some great ones! Written by young, Catholic ladies (hence the name!), on various matters of the faith.  Many of which are about singleness and waiting. They have also discussed many of the topics we have, too!

And this is for kicks... but if you are having one of those days where you are feeling really down and unworthy... watch this:
And be encouraged. :)

What websites/blogs/articles have you found helpful???
Link up over at Morgan's!

Next Week:
Vulnerability with friends
Do you find that your non-single friends struggle with relating to you or vice versa? If so, in what ways? How do you handle it? What is something that you would like them to know or understand that they just don't seem to get?

November 19:
Surviving events/parties as a singleton
The holidays are coming up! Family parties, friend gatherings... and you're single. How do you "cope"? Any tips or tricks?

Ladies, we have decided to take a break from the Not Alone Series until January 14, 2014.  I know it seems like a long time, but we are coming up on a busy season of travel and family time.  We don't want to take away your time from what's most important.  Feel free to continue to blog about your single life experiences, but we just won't be having anything formal until January. 


  1. Thanks for the links! I'll have to check them out. I think I"m coming down with a cold too though. It is going around! And I just watched that video the other day! It is soo great!

  2. "Mabel" and "Virginia" at Life in the Gap are real-life friends of mine. We met during our homeschooling days. I'm so glad you enjoy their blog!

  3. Thank you for the shout out!! I am honored to be among those wonderful bloggers! God bless you, Jen! Cindy

  4. Hope you feel better. Love that video, I AM AWESOME!! I love the power and emotion that he put into his speaking.

  5. Aww, thanks for the kind words and the mention! Much appreciated. =)


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