Quick Takes Saturday

~ 1 ~
I have been on an unintentional blogging hiatus.  I hate when that happens.
I always stress about NOT getting something up on the blog that isn't a linkup of any sort, including the Not Alone Series.
But, I think I just stress myself out... no need for that. This is MY blog... and I can do what I want! :) So, it's ok... if people want to read, they will... if they don't, or get annoyed that I don't post more often, then they won't, and how would I ever know?! :)

~ 2 ~
I really want to share about my weekend with my Daddy!
He came for his birfday... and we just hung out. And he showed me how to use my nice camera little more.  Maybe I got a little frustrated b/c I wasn't getting it... but he was veryveryvery patient with me. God bless that man! Here are some 'grams and iPhone pics, to hold you over:

~ 3 ~
Y'all know Jackie Francois and Bobby Angel, right??  And the fact that they are married now.
Well, they posted their wedding video on their blog... and it is just precious.
They have such a strong ministry towards the single people of our world, and it was awesome to see them finally get married.  Click here to watch the video!

PLUS! Jackie is in town this weekend for our diocese's youth rally! So! I might attend that... b/c I can still pass for a high schooler... right?! ;)

~ 4 ~
Morgan and I are becoming, like, real friends not just online bloggy friends.
We VIDEO CHATTED last weekend!  It was SO fun... and kind of surreal, but also normal.
I suppose that's a sign of a good friendship starting.  

As Morgan pointed out in one of her quick takes (and I will shamelessly copy her), we are BEYOND thrilled that the Not Alone Series has reached so many ladies. I mean, it seems like yesterday we were chatting about how cool it would be if something like that existed, and then we realized that WE could just do it.  And, we did.  It's been really awesome. God is so faithful, reminding us that we are, indeed, not alone in this season of our lives. :)

~ 5 ~
I cannot wait to be there and to hold and snuggle and love on Miss Lorelei. :)
This was from a few weeks ago... she is now FOUR weeks! :)
~ 6 ~
Just so you know... there IS a non-dairy fro yo option out there...
TCBY is now offering Silk Chocolate ALMOND Milk frozen yogurt!!!
It's pretty darn good, you guys. It's not as decadent as the actual chocolate milk drink, but it is still satisfying!  So, for all you non-dairy eaters, find the closest TCBY to you and indulge!!

~ 7 ~
New hair cut... again!
I la la la LOVE it! :)  I just... man, I should have done this forever ago!

That's all for me today!  I hope you all have such a wonderful and blessed weekend!
Paz and Amor.


  1. I actually just discovered Jackie Angel LAST night, so that's SO cool you mentioned her! I was looking for a good youtube talk to watch before bed, and found hers, what a neat story she has!! :)

    And about the NAS, it seriously is such a gift that you and Morgan have created by doing the series! Hope you have a fantastic weekend!! :)

  2. Jackie and Bobby's wedding video made me cryyyyyy. ahhhhhh soooo beeeeeyouuuteeefullllll!!!!

  3. looks like a fun time with your dad! Also, what kind of camera do you have?


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