Advent: Week One

Happy Advent! Happy Feast of the Immaculate Conception... er, tomorrow. :)

I had this brilliant idea to help savor Advent and prepare for the birth of our Lord.  I decided that I would put a different Christmas decoration out everyday.  I don't have any specific order or anything. But, I decided that it was a way to help me prepare this season.  And, boy... is it helping.  As soon as I got down my decorations at the beginning of the week, I was so excited and wanted to put ALL THE THINGS up right then and there.

But I did not.

It has forced me to slow down. It has forced me to think about this season. It has gotten be so excited and giddy with anticipation.  And that's what Advent is supposed to be. A time to prepare our hearts, minds and even our homes to celebrate the joy of Jesus Christ! Eee! So exciting!

Advent day 1 and 2
I had gotten home from Spain on day 1, so this is for both days. :)
My mini tree.

Advent Day 3

Advent Day 4

bahaha... Advent Day 5
Not a decoration, but I was at church and Santa came by.
I couldn't resist!

Advent Day 6
My first REAL wreath!! :) Smells divine.

Advent Day 7
My doormat... the pic won't rotate, forgive me.
I got that doormat at Hobby Lobby. Ok, you guys. Have you been to that place?!  I have heard awesome things about it, but never lived close to one. Then! Lo and behold, they opened a new store a mile down the road! Woot! Martha and I (and our friend David who was in town really visiting Tom, but got stuck hanging with all the girls) went yesterday.... IT IS AMAZING!  It's dangerous, really. So much awesome stuff there.  Seriously, if you have one near you and haven't gone.. GO!

The tagline I coined... "Hobby Lobby: more than just a craft store!" Because it is. So.much.more.

Alrighty, off to get ready for the day! It should be a really fun day!
Happy Advent!


  1. oooh! looks so great, Jen!! I was going to post on Advent today but my internet didn't work for half the day! I don't have time before Mass but I'm enjoying your decorations post instead! :D

  2. I can't believe that you've never been to a HobLob before!!!! I LOVE THAT PLACE. SUPER dangerous, but SUPER amazing. I walk through and want to buy everything. Must.use.self.control.

    1. Also, I really love your way of celebrating Advent while still being able to decorate for the season...will do this next year! (haven't decorated yet and don't plan on it this year :( )


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