Advent: Week Three Recap

Happy LAST WEEK OF ADVENT!!! :) Can you believe Christmas is in two days?!

Hmm... this week was a bit harder to be purposeful. It was the LAST week of school before break (!!), so there were lots of goodies and cheer and celebrations to be had!  I also was really bad with listening to Christmas music. Ugh.

But, it's ok. I can't get down on myself about it.  I reflected a little more yesterday about Advent and singleness, if you haven't seen it already.  So, I was able to reflect, still. :)  I have been thinking a lot of Mary these days.  Can you imagine being so far along in your pregnancy, probably ready to just have the babe out already, overcome with anticipation, yet a little nervous, knowing you are going to birth Our Lord?!

I mean... I can't.  She knew exactly what she was doing. She knew that she was carrying the Son of God.  And she just did it.  And did it awesomely and perfectly.  Loved and adored her Son.

And that's what we are called to do, too. No matter what!  Thanks, Mary, for helping me during this Advent! :)

On to the pictures!

Advent Day 17, I bought Christmas cards for family and friends!

One morning this week the moon was just amazing! :)

Zuzu is getting excited that Auntie Jen will be off work
for TWO WEEKS! :)

Advent Day 20, I FINALLY got a little something for outside! :)

Mart and Tom got a very special delivery. ;)

Advent Day 21 I was just admiring my little tree and enjoying some coffee.

Remember that time I said I wasn't going to complain
of the cold... um, well, that was before I saw that I might actually freeze.
Like, legitimately freeze. BUT, I should have a white Christmas!

We went the beach for the evening, and this is the beach hat I decided to wear!
I had to remind the people of FL that it is still December and still almost Christmas!

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