Advent: Week Two Recap

First... HAPPY GUADETE SUNDAY!!! Pink! Pink! er, ahem... rose! Rose! :) I love this day!

But, let's recap this past, second week of Advent, shall we?  I wasn't as good about putting my decorations up each day, but hey. It's ok! It was a good week. I spent some time in adoration, which is always, always good.  I have such a different feeling during Advent this year.  I am just so much more aware of the waiting... the anticipation... the excitement and joy.  It could be because I have been more purposeful AND because I get to see my Momma on Christmas this year (it's been TWO years!) and see the rest of my family in DC afterwords.

Also, if you know me... I love Christmas music. And, I have not been choosing to listen to it. At all. (ok, yes, I did for a little bit yesterday while wrapping gifts and cleaning my house), other than if it's on in a store, etc.  This is a BIG deal for me.  But, surprisingly its hasn't been that hard.  Maybe because it's hotter than hades (at Mart would say) and feels like we should be celebrating the Fourth of July instead of bundling up and drinking hot chocolate all the time, getting ready for Christmas.  As Colly and I both agreed... how about the temps just stay in the mid-60s!  For her in Pittsburgh, that would be super warm, and for us down here in the hottest part of the country... that would be downright chilly.  Oh, to dream and be cold. ;)

And I will say to you all right here, right now on this here bloggity... I will do my utmost to NOT complain about being cold when I am in MN and DC.  And if I do, so help me God, you can.... well, I am not sure, but you can do something! :)

Anyway... you came for pics.  So, here you go!

Advent Day 8
My actual tree... that's still small, I know.
 Also on Advent Day 8, during the day, which was the second Sunday of Advent, I met up with Niki from A Catholic Heart For Home!!!  It was SO fun to meet a blog friend in real life!! 
She was vacationing in FL, and my friend Jennine and her hubby live near there and were coming over to my side of the state and brought Niki with them! They rock.
We had fun walking on the beach, doing a little shopping (do you still love your bag, Niki?!) and ate a wonderful Thanksgiving meal, as always, by Martha!
All in all, a lovely and blessed day!
So exciting!!!

Not really part of my Advent thing, but this pic is too cute to NOT include!
As I wrote on Instagram: "sometimes, the adorableness is so strong, I seriously
think this will be the moment I die from my heart exploding."
It's true. There are days that I think she can't be any cuter,
and then she does something to prove me wrong! haha. The joys of babies.

My Lord and My God

Advent Day 11
I have had this manger for a LONG time. My mom has had it for a LONG time.
Every year I take it out, I think, "oh no! It's going to be in pieces." But, no. It's
still hanging in there. Which is good, b/c I don't know what I will do when I have
to get a new Nativity set. It will be a challenge, for sure.

Advent Day 12
Santa Baby!!

Advent Day 13
My clinic assistant at my middle school got me this cute guy. I love him!
I was excited to FINALLY put something festive in my kitchen!

Doing a little Christmas shopping and stopped by See's Candies.
They gave us a chocolate lollipop... and Zuz LOVED IT!
She was content in the stroller, sucking on that thing and putting chocolate everywhere,
especially on her feet. Yummmm....
And there you have it, friends! My second week of advent!  I can't believe it's already rose Sunday!!! :) So many prayers and blessings for your Sunday and third week of Advent!


  1. That's exciting you will be in MN! I live in ND, and it's definitely been one of the coldest winters I can EVER recall! But...tomorrow it's finally supposed to start warming up, going to be about 30!! Heat wave!! :) Hope you have safe (and fun!) travels!

  2. I love your Advent photos, and that you had a chance to meet up with a bloggy friend! As for Christmas music, my biggest peeve is starting before Advent. I'll admit we haven't really listened to much, but not really intentionally. I understand the discipline, but I find that it readies my heart to receive Jesus (not the secular stuff of course), so I'm good with it. ;) Happy Gaudete Week to you, my rosy friend! When I think of joy, you definitely come to mind!! Blessings from our house to yours!

  3. I agree with your friend (?) from Pittsburgh.... the 60s would be amazing!


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