A Week+ in Pics!

I quite enjoy looking back at my week (or more in this case) each Sunday.  I often look through the pics on my phone and remember little moments that I captured or 'grammed and actually forgot about.  These pics remind me of the little things that I am so grateful for, and how truly blessed I am.  

I hope you don't mind, either.  And, if you do... just don't tell me! :)  And move right on along.

My first night home after Christmas.
The many faces of the babe while she eats chocolate cake.

We've been having a 'cold' snap these days... and I really enjoy
wearing my warmer clothing. :)

I FINALLY received my package from Spain.  Which was great.
The bad news is that most of the pottery was broken.
I am still really bummed about that.

A little park action.

Remember that chill? Yea... it warranted actual winter-type
clothes to be worn.  And, to enjoy a morning Starbucks for the
first day back to school/work. 

Even Zuz was ready for the cold. ;)

How cute are these socks?!
Thanks, dad!

Sometimes, you just need a frosty and fry.

We went up to St. Augustine, FL for the March for Life...
and it was COLD! And the babe was ready.

St. Augustine is BEAUTIFUL!!  I can't wait to go back.
I also would show you pics of the march, but they have the teens we took,
and I don't have permission to put their pics up here. So! sorry about that.
I hope everyone has had a wonderful week AND a beautiful weekend.  If you have tomorrow off, ENJOY IT!  Do something fun! :)


  1. Love the pics, Jen! So much cuteness and winter warmth going on - I feel cozy just seeing these!

  2. So sorry about the Spanish pottery! :( My mom bought a glass figurine of a bull when we were there last year, and I'm pretty sure that went in her purse to be cradled like a baby the whole flight home.
    Those socks are pretty amazing :)


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