A Week in Pics + My Birrrthday!

I had a pretty good week and a WONDERFUL weekend!  I am little behind catching up on blogs and even reading the NAS posts for the week. Sheesh! But, it's ok. I can't be caught up on everything at all times. Ya know?!

Shall we get started with the pics?? Yes. I think we shall.

Zuz contemplating life. Or maybe looking at a bird. 

Mom sent me some presents for my birthday!! :)

Some mornings, coffee is just perfect.
Oh! I also got my hair did. :)

And, I have new specs!

On my birthday, my coworkers at one of my schools had some snacks and such!
So sweet, huh?!
 Annnnnd here come the pics of my very fun birthday!

Don't leave your phone behind when you go to the bathroom.
This is what happens.

And this.

YAY!! It's my birthdayyyy!

I love you so much. :)

So happy this chick came out!

And YOU! I love you.

Such wonderful friends.
Who are pretty darn cute, don't you think?

 I just have to stop for a moment and say that I had one of the best birthdays!! I had wonderful friends with me to celebrate. We enjoyed some beverages, lots of laughing, many new inside jokes, lots of smiles, TONS of dancing (!)... and many memories.  I also got phone calls and texts and emails and FB messages up the wazoo.  Seriously... I am so blessed.  #soblessed

Martha made me that awesome blanket.
My mom sent Perdita to me!!!
Ok... let me give you a little background on that there Perdita (ya know, from 101 Dalmations!). My parents took my brother and I to Disney when I was about 5ish.  I don't remember  much from that trip, but I DO remember getting my beloved Perdita. She was sitting amongst others like her on a very large (at least to my 5 year old self), 2-tiered table.  I picked her out and loved her so veryvery much.  I slept with her every night.  And then, when I was in 6th grade... I left her at a hotel. I LEFT HER AT A HOTEL.  I was devastated.  We went back to the hotel, and they couldn't find her anywhere. :(  Mom tried to find her, but this was before the interwebs was like it is today... so she searched and searched to no avail.

Fast forward about 16 years (WHAT? 16 years? Holy crap. I feel old.) and mom tried the search again... and she found her!!!!! :) It was so exciting! I was so happy to open the package.  Who knows if this is MY Perdita (there is a chance b/c apparently the lady my mom bought her from found her in a hotel in Baltimore... which is where I was when I lost her. Crazy, huh?!)... but she is awesome. And I love her.

And, yes, maybe I have some weird thing with stuffed animals. Oh well. It's just one of my lovely quirks! :)
I was able to spend the rest of the weekend with Colleen.
We went to the beach, watched the sunset, and went to a movie.
It was just perfect and very much needed.
I hope that you all had a wonderful week and weekend!  Many blessings for the upcoming week! :)


  1. Happy Birthday, Jen! And your polka dot dress is super cute. Glad you spent the festivities with awesome people :-)

  2. That would be really cool if that was the same Perdita. Everyone looks so great, love your dress.

  3. Glad you had a great birthday! And cute hair! :)

  4. Happy belated birthday! And your dress is SO cute! Looks like you girls had fun :)


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