SON OF GOD... the movie! {And a giveaway!!}

Have you heard of SON OF GOD (besides Jesus himself, of course!)?????

No?? Well, I hadn't heard much about it either. But, check out the movie trailer!

Doesn't it look great?! Honestly, like I said, I didn't really know much about it. Like, maybe I saw something in passing on FB about it a few days ago, but it didn't catch my attention enough to look. But then!! The nice people at Grace Hill Media sent me an email asking if I would like to host a giveaway and help promote SON OF GOD (also, I know it looks like I keep yelling that, but it's how "they" are promoting it... so, I'm following suit!)!

My first reaction was... "um, this is spam! What is this?!" And then I looked up the movie and realized it is a legit movie. Then, of course, I asked Mart what she thought, and SHE thought it sounded cool. So, I emailed them back.

And, here we are. :)  [In the interest of full disclosure, I have been wanting to host some sort of giveaway for a while, but had nothing to giveaway, so I jumped at this chance! So, I apologize that this is what this post is allll about! Just go with it, folks!] 

What did you think of the trailer???  I mean, it looks really, really good. The cinematography and visual effects in and of itself look amazing.  Mark Burnett (from Survivor, right?!) and his wife Roma Downey (Touched by an Angel- I LOVED THAT SHOW!) produced/starred in The Bible on The History Channel last year. Also something else I didn't watch, but heard great things about.  Anyway, both Mark and Roma wanted there to be a feature film about the life of Christ, from His birth to his death and resurrection.  So, they set out to do it!

And it comes out THIS FRIDAY, February 28th. I don't think it will be everywhere, so be sure to search on the website for shows/times and to purchase advanced tickets! Mart and I might even take the youth group to see it!!

This is the first major motion picture about the life of Jesus in yeeeears!  Something like 10 years since The Passion and FIFTY years since there has been a movie about the entire life of Jesus.  We should see it and support and #spreadtheword about!!  There is a lot of buzz about it already!  Woot!  Even Brandon Vogt and Cardinal Wuerl from the Archdiocese of Washington, DC are endorsing it. (Interestingly they share the same favorite scene of the movie!)

Do you think you will see it?!  If so, let me know! If you comment below, you will automatically be entered to win some cool stuff!  Por ejemplo (for example):

Official soundtrack, 1000 piece puzzle and a novelization (book from movie)
They are sending me my own set of this fun prize pack, and I am looking forward to hearing the soundtrack! When I get it, I will let you know what I think! I am sure it will be great stuff.  We (me and the WINNER) will get the official soundtrack, a 1000 piece puzzle (haven't done one of those in a LONG time!) and a novelization (basically a book made from the movie).

[Update on Monday: I just received my prize pack! What you see in the pic above, is exactly what you get! :)  Proof:

The puzzle picture is different... shoot me. ;) The soundtrack is pretty awesome... I can't wait to hear it with the moments in the movie. Although, the Ceelo Green version of "Mary Did you Know?" is... well... is odd. I don't know. It's a remix. It's Ceelo Green. Just odd to me. But, the book, puzzle and CD are all in good shape! So, I hope YOU win!]

So???  Interested in getting these things?? Or, maybe just winning something- who doesn't like winning things??  Awesome! Like I said above, just comment below telling me if you're going to see SON OF GOD and you are entered! That's it. Easy peasy. Each person who comments will get assigned a number (in order of comment), and I will use to select a number! Please enter by Thursday, Feb. 27, 5pm EST!  I will announce the winner on FRIDAY!  Please be sure to leave your email, if it's not attached to your name/Blogger account. :)

Ha... good luck! And have fun! :)

Want more info about SON OF GOD?? Check out the following:
Official Website

And thank you for enduring all that plugging. ;)

WINNER: Maria (comment #3!) Please check your email to see what you have to do! WOOO! Congrats!


  1. This is sweet! My thought is always "hmm I'll see this when it comes out on DVD", because movies like this aren't usually playing in theaters near me, but hey! This is playing in the town right next to me! Perfect! Maybe I'll be able to see it on the big screen after all! :)

  2. I've just started hearing about this movie too, and I can't wait to see it! Not sure it will show anywhere near me ever, but I will see it eventually. :)

  3. I've been hearing about this movie too and am looking forward to seeing it!

    1. Congrats, Maria!! :) YOU WON! Check your email!

  4. I've been so excited for this movie to come out!! Can't wait!! My bishop already watched it and said that it is legit, so I trust him haha.

  5. I'm glad I read this because I've been seeing advertisements for it too and have honestly thought it's just a spam thing....glad to know it's a legit movie! I definitely want to see it!!!!! :) Yayyy solid movies that don't leave you feeling like you have to go to confession after!!! lol

  6. pick me :). We will definitely be going sitter permitting!

  7. I'm planning to see this movie with my son.

  8. I plan on going to see it if eventually. I usually wait a few weeks to see movies in the theatres but I get to them eventually :)

  9. I am really looking forward to seeing this movie.
    marypopmom (at) yahoo (dot) com


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