7 Quick Takes (Vol: who the heck knows!)

~ 1 ~
So, I have been on an unintentional blog fast for the last week or so. Other than my "week in pics" posts (which is really mindless... as they are pictures, obviously), I haven't felt like writing anything. I have hardly even been reading any blogs, either. It's weird. I love blogging... and I love reading all the blogs, but lately I just can't. I guess God is asking me to take a little break.

~ 2 ~
On the same line, I feel like I have lost my voice on here. I am not really sure what I want to say anymore. I am worried of always sounding so negative or down. And that is not my desire. But, at the same time I want to be real. It's never fun when you don't feel like the blogs you are reading are not genuine. I want to write about one thing, and then another thing, and then... poof! Gone! Nothing sticks long enough to make it here. Ugh. It's frustrating. But, who really cares, ya know?! I keep reminding myself that this is MY blog. :)

~ 3 ~
And that is why am joining back with the 7QTs this week, due to my ADD blog problems.
Isn't this fun?!

~ 4 ~
I have finally begun planning for my SUMMER BREAK! Yes, because I HAVE ONE OF THOSE! :) I can't wait! It's filling up super fast. So many things! Visits to family, Steubenville Conference with the youth group, Savannah with NAS, back to the Jersey Shore after THREE years. 
Woot! It's gonna be a great summer!
There was a moment when I thought, "perfect! I can get a job and make some extra cash."
HA. I laugh at myself now. Traveling is wayyyyy more fun.

~ 5 ~
How is your Lent going? Mine?
Well... it's going ok. After NOT being prepared, I have finally come up with a few things that I am going to stop doing and start doing. So, there is that! Also, I went to confession this morning. Yet, another great one! If you haven't been yet, be sure to make plans and GO! Lent is the perfect time to get a little extra grace, make plans for changing bad habits and really preparing your heart and soul for closer communion with Jesus.

~ 6 ~
I just read this article about things NOT to say to single women. All of us single ladies can agree that we have heard everything on the list, in one way or another. It's very similar to Amanda's 'just don't say It: Singlehood' post. Man, it riles me up every time. 
Recently someone said to me, "Oh, honey. You don't want to get married! It's not all it's cracked up to be. Plus, you're so young, anyway! Take your time! Live your life!"
Um... no. Hush. Sorry your marriage ended (really, I am), but that has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with me and MY desire to be married. Arg.
I'm done now.
People, I know it's out of love (most of the time) and you are trying to encourage us, but a hug and a "it sucks sometimes" on occasion is helpful. And to let us know that you are praying for us is always a plus! I pray for my married friends all of the time, praying for us singletons, too, is very much needed.
Ok, I am really done now.

~ 7 ~
I am really looking forward to reading a few books that are coming out this year! Jen's book, Something Other than God, will without a doubt be awesome. Eek!
I am also looking forward to Alreen Spenceley's book, Chastity is for Lovers: Single, Happy and (Still) a Virgin! She has some great insights on her blog, and I believe her book will be fab!
What books are you looking forward to?

Mmmmmmkay. I think I am finally done.
Thanks, Jen, for having me! Even if I am super sporadic on joining! :)
Go visit everyone else, who is, I'm sure, a more committed 7QTer than I!


  1. You are awesome! Thanks so much -- I'm excited you're excited for Chastity is for Lovers!

  2. Jen!! All of your travel plans sound amazing (especially the NAS part, bahhhhh!) I was just thinking about the Confession thing this morning, I need to get my butt there soon. Hope you have a great rest of your Sunday!!!!!!!!!!! :D


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