Spring Break: Part 1

Ahhhh!! I have had SUCH a wonderful start to my spring break. It's still so crazy that I am going to wake up tomorrow and NOT HAVE TO GO TO WORK!!!

Seriously. So amazing.

Oh but first... on Thursday evening, I met up with a blog friend! I think it's one of the coolest things to meet a blog friend in real life... it just makes them so much more... real.

First their was Niki back in December... and then just a few days ago, Natalie!! She blogs at Here I Am, where she talks about life, faith, nursing school participates in the Not Alone Series,  and really anything else you can imagine! We have connected mostly with the nursing thing, which has been really fun. :) She had 'grammed a pic of directions from Steubenville to Naples.... and I was so excited! :) She was traveling down for her senior spring break... it was just meant to be!

See! We did meet!!
I drove out to the house she and her friends were staying at, where we chatted for a while about all sorts of things, but mostly nursing, before they headed out for a fun night in Ave. It was so fun! I am so blessed to have this community online.  When we were chatting, Natalie mentioned that she thinks about letting her blog go because of the time and energy it takes up (which is completely understandable!), but then when you have moments where you connect with a real person, it makes it all worth it. I completely agree! It's worth it for me to blog for many reasons (even when I don't feel like it), but it's just that much more special when you can transition to real life friends, too.

Thanks for letting me crash your spring break and time with the girls! :) Can't wait to see you again!

Even though the kids started spring break on Friday... I had to go to work. Boo. But, it was a slightly early day, which meant I was able to head to Miami early for the weekend and really start my spring break, too! :)

I was able to hang out with my good friends, Jennine and David. I didn't really have any where to be, or do anything specific... and it was perfect. :)

We went to downtown Miami and ate dinner at Barton G... you guys. This place is NUTS! If you are ever in Miami (or LA), try to get there!  It's alllll about the presentation. They make the drinks smoke:

The food is served on some of the most outrageous platters! You want the swordfish meal? It will come to your table on a platter with a HUGE sword. No joke. You want salmon with potatoes? It was come to your table with a HUGE potato peeler:

Yea... this place is no joke. You want really fun desserts? Expect a mini carnival on your platter including cotton candy, or an oversized glass of ice cream.  It's pretty awesome. And, really really good. The food was incredible to boot! It's quite expensive, as well, so this is only a once in a blue moon experience. But, so so worth it.

Saturday, Jennine and I had a great lunch at a local Cuban restaurant. YUM! And then had fun shopping. It was so nice to hang out and enjoy each other's company. We are usually so pressed for time because she is traveling from Miami to sing in Naples, and then has to travel back. So, it was really fun to spend the whole weekend with her.  Then! We went to the Miami-Dade County Fair. Whoa. THAT is a fair. I mean, this thing is huge and lasts for a whole month! The fair I grew up with was maybe the entire size of the food area. haha. It was awesome!  Jennine's kids from The Band Stand (her awesome studio) had a little competition there. It was SO FUN! Her kids did amazing! And, it was really cool to get a glimpse of what her professional life consists of. 

The Fair even had a circus! What?! Um, yea. And the acts were pretty good. Take this guy, for example... he stacked cylinders and planks of wood on top of each other and balanced. It may not look impressive from this pic... but, trust me. It was!

We are having fun!
 Annnnnnd THEN! I finally found funnel cake! That stuff just never gets old. And is soooo yummy. :)

I drove home today for a lovely mass and wonderful praise and worship adoration night with the youth group. I hope to talk about that some more soon! Actually, I hope to talk more about a lot of things soon. So many posts brewing in my head.

Thanks, Jennine and David for a wonderful weekend! I loved hanging out on YOUR side of the state. :)

Oh and... I got to see this chick-a-dee!
Such a sweet girl.
Part 2 of my spring break hasn't even begun yet. I will be seeing my dad's side of the fam (minus my dad, ironically) in Tampa on Tuesday for a few days! :) So excited!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Many blessings for you!


  1. Aww!!! We had such a great weekend :) :) glad you enjoyed it and that our pups didn't drive you too crazy! Have fun with your family this week :)

  2. So neat you got to meet up with Natalie! Yay blog friend meetings!! Looks like you had a fun time, woo!! :)

  3. Thanks so much for the shout out!! Seriously though, I have those days where I wonder if the blog is the best place to be using some of my time and energy and then I get a comment from someone who was really impacted by my blog or in this case get to turn a blog friend into a real friend and I remember why I do it. This blog is all the Lord's anyway and He always shows me to keep going when I doubt. I hope you are having an amazing time on the rest of your spring break! I can't wait for another opportunity to come to Naples. And hopefully a Pit trip will come soon enough for you!


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