Spring Break: Part 2

I cannot believe today is my LAST DAY OF SPRING BREAK! Blah. It went by too fast.

I had a wonderful time in Miami. A couple days home, and then I was off to Tampa! :)

It was a great time had by all. I just love my family. So much. We laughed, chatted, ate (lots and lots), and were just together.  Even though it was so nice to be around my fam, it was weird not having my dad there. He wasn't able to make it down, unfortunately. But, hopefully we will see each other soon! :)

On to da peeeectures! :) (Why did I say it like that?? No idea. That's how it came out!)

Happy Birthday, Grammy!
Let's get a selfie!! :) 
Of course... Uncle Bob takes a selfie while he is supposed to be taking
the following!

I love my grandparents! :)

Birthdays aren't birthdays without CAKE!
Very yummy cake, at that!

Almost the whole fam!

Uncle Bob has these great Tervis mugs... I love drinking coffee out of them.
I really should get some for my own house. :)

How awesome is this patio/lanai?!
I could have lived out there. Seriously.

Sunset at the resort my grandparents, Aunt Marie and Uncle Duane were staying at.

My crazy tanlines.

Beach day selfie! :)

The sky was SO BLUE!!!

Selfies with ALL THE FAM!!!! :)
Maybe my fave collection of pics for the entire time.

I got Grammy a nice frame for her birthday.... but didn't have a pic of us in it!
So, we took one with my nice cam! ;)
It's probably one of the nicest pics of her and I!
I love it!

Last night all together before I left the next day.
Greatest family.... ever.

Post dinner coffee and bonfire time! :)
I got home on Friday afternoon... caught up with Mart and the babe and then watched some friends' kids for the evening. And then! Had another beach day with the girls yesterday. :) I really need to be better at taking pics of Mart. Most of the time I am hanging out with her AND the babe... but the pictures never make it seem that way. MART! We have to be better!!

Oh so cool.

Beach, cookies and gorgeous weather!
Perfect day!
Thanks for reliving my spring break with me! :)  So many blessings for this upcoming week!

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