What the family says.

At dinner with all of my dad's side of the family, minus my dad...
Uncle Bob doing something to annoy me...
Me: Do you do these things to make up for dad not being here?
Uncle Bob: Yes, of course. What else am I supposed to do?

Discussing Uncle Duane's... knack of driving, shall we say...
Uncle Bob: I looked in the rearview mirror and noticed your (Don, aunt's father) eyes WIDE open staring straight ahead.
Everyone: busting out laughing [b/c that's how we all feel in the car with Uncle Duane]
Don: I had looked down and he was going 95 miles an hour!!
Uncle Duane: we got on the highway and I realized that you [Uncle Bob] were already so far ahead. I had to catch up! I think Don and I were chatting about something...
Yes, that is usually what is happening. Uncle Duane is the ultimate chatter...

Giving Gramps a hug...
Gramps: Hello, dear! How's the nursing going?
Me: Oh, it's fine.
Gramps: Are people still sick?! *slight chuckle*
Aaaaalways... this is a standard line and I am NEVER ready for it! :)

Enjoying a nice lunch...
Grammy: have you met anyone yet?
Me: Oh, like a boy? No, not yet.
Aunt Marie: hey! It's pretty good it took her this long to ask you!

A few minutes later a group of college-age boys walk by...
Grammy (in a louder than normal voice): Yoo-who! Yes, this is my wonderful granddaughter! Uh, yes... look at her!
Me: Grammy! Wha? Why?
Grammy: Well, they should be looking at you. You are just so sweet.
Me: *shakes head*
Grammy: that boy you brought to dinner that one time... he was just so nice.
Me: yes, he is married now and has a kid.
Grammy: oh.

These may not be all that funny to you... but they are to me and I just had to document some of them! I have another day spent with these people that I love so much... and I'm sure there will be more funny things said! :)

Have a wonderful FIRST DAY OF SPRING! It's exciting! Although, I realize that it doesn't make much of a difference to me here in Florida, but I am excited for all of you still in cold, snowy states. :)


  1. I am laughing out loud, as I can picture all of these fine, loving, former in- laws, saying and doing all of these things. The great part is that there is comfort in things staying the same! Glad you were able to laugh and enjoy this time with family!

  2. The ones about boys, hilarious. Not that different from the things I regularly hear.


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